Top colleges in India for Fellow Programme in Management (FPM)

Fellow Programme in Management (FPM) is a doctoral level program which offers studies in various areas of business and management. This program is aimed at developing the outstanding scholars for a bright career in teaching and research. FPM program provides the relevant knowledge and research skills to the scholars to help them become specialized researchers with an adequate depth of knowledge in multiple domains of management.

FPM course is mainly chosen by the candidates who plan to make a career as teachers or in research. This is a 4-year program usually divided into two stages of 2 years each. At the first stage, the candidates are exposed to basic disciplines of management which build a solid base for their thesis. And in the last two years, they choose a particular topic for their thesis and are trained under the guidance of a faculty member. They can choose from various topics for their thesis including HRM, Finance, Economics, Information Systems, Marketing, Production, Organizational Behavior, Decision Science, Strategic Management etc. In the 3rd year, they are also provided with an opportunity to start working as a research assistant.

Popular FPM colleges in India

There are numerous colleges in India offering Fellow Programme in Management and to make a successful career in this field, choosing the right institute is important. Following are the most popular colleges in India offering FPM which you may consider for a bright career ahead in the field of research and teaching:

  1. P. Jain Institute of Management and Research: This is one of the leading management colleges in India offering the best management courses as per the demand of industry. The campus is well-equipped with all the modern facilities required to facilitate an enhanced learning experience. The fellow programme offered at the institute is brilliantly designed as per the global business trends and making candidates competitive.
  2. International Management Institute Bhubaneswar: FPM at IMI Bhubaneswar has been designed amazingly designed to cater to the requirements of researchers, teachers and the executives willing to pursue their research work at the doctoral level. During the course, the candidates are required to undergo a rigorous coursework for two years where students have to take atleast 4 electives from their area of specialization. To know more about the program and admission process, visit the website of institute.
  3. Management Development Institute: MDI is a front-runner management institute in India offering the best FPM programs to train student in their chosen area of research. This programme provides candidates with the relevant knowledge and skills that help them to become successful researchers with an in-depth knowledge in various domains of management.
  4. Xavier School of Management: This is one of the best management institutes in India which aims to train the scholars to become innovative teachers and researchers in various aspects of management. XLRI is among the top management institutes nurturing responsible global leaders for a successful future ahead.

These are some of the popular institutes in India offering FPM programs to the scholar looking for a career in the field of teaching and research. To read more about the college and program, one can visit their official websites or get in touch with the alumni to make an informed decision.