Top Free Video Editing Softwares to Grow Your Youtube Channel

YouTube is the most promising social media channel. Millions of creators are joining this platform to share tips, hacks, education, information, and motivational topics. The thing which started as a passion becomes the source of income to many people. Starting a YouTube channel needs ideas and passion, but you do not need high-end things to make videos. 

After you make the prominent videos, now you need software that will edit your videos. Good editing always makes the video stand out. It will also help you in creating video ads for the brand. In this article, you will get some details of amazing editing software that will help you edit your videos in a great way. 

1. Kapwing

If you want professional video editing fun, then this tool will do them justice. You can trim, crop the clips effectively. Also, there is no need to add transitions, audio, generation of subtitles, overlay images, and using all you can create a video that you can share. All the creators can come together to collaborate and edit the video together. It is a great tool for vloggers, small businesses, and educators. You will not get any watermark; your vlog will stand out.

To record tutorials, you can use audio and screen recorder and even add voiceovers. It has cloud storage where there has huge space to store all your data. From YouTube videos, audio imports, it supports many. It has an AI feature with which you can remove the background, also perform automatic translation, and generate subtitles. There are not many templates; photos are minimum. 

2. Windows 10 Editor

Windows 10 users are lucky because it already comes with a video editor. It is free from clutter; it has a smooth interface and is easy to use. It has features like title card option, animated style of text, audio library, and simple video effects. If you want some simple video editing app and want to skip heavy-duty editing, then this is the tool for you. It is great for beginners and small business owners.

It is one of the best Free Video Editing Softwares that makes your editing work easy. This editor is lightweight and can export video up to 1080p. It contains themes with many filters, text style, and music. Also, it has a variety of 3D elements that you can animate easily. Unfortunately, it is available on the Windows system, it does not have free library stock, and you cannot allow adding free storage of the cloud. 

3. You Cut

It is the most reliable and easy-to-use tool. You can edit amazing videos with this tool. Use the tool to edit videos on the go. It makes your life simple. The editing is super fun because it takes no time, and all the tool’s features are easy to understand. You can add images, change color, font, font size as per your brand color.

Add great effects and filters that will help you edit good videos in one shot. The good thing about this tool is that you will not get any watermark, and it simply makes your work easy. Also, it has a paid version that you can opt for if you want some amazing features reserved for the paid version Click on

4. Filmora Go

If you plan to add cloning style in your video, you are at the right place. It is a much-awaited video editing tool for you where you can add this cool feature. Also, it has many other features like adding text, voiceover, changing the background, and adding effects. Furthermore, it is a paid tool, and 100% operates on the desktop. Therefore, it is an amazing tool that completes your YouTube editing work in just a few minutes.

5. Openshot

It is a great tool with amazing and high-demand features. It is an open-source tool, and that is why it is easily accessible. The interface of the tool is clean and simple. You will get amazing options that come to great use. It is a great app for students, and vloggers, and even business owners. It has capabilities of animation like 3D animations. In addition, you can add digital video effects. Unfortunately, you cannot customize the templates; there is no free library stock. But still, for basic features, you can use this tool and edit your videos. 


Now that you have a list of editing software, you can easily try them and edit your first YouTube video. You will never regret your decision because all the tools are amazing and give you excellent service. So, what are you waiting for? Try the tool for YouTube video editing and amaze your audience with your unique clicks. Your video will speak a lot, and you must try to use them so you can hop to create amazing video content for your audiences.