Top junior colleges in Pune

When a student completes his higher school education, they are faced with the challenge of choosing the right career path. If you are also looking for an accessible way to further your studies and improve your job prospects, choosing junior colleges is the right option. These colleges offer a numerous of benefits to the students while preparing them for the competitive entrance exams like IIT JEE, EAMCET, NEET, CWA foundation coaching and more. Some integrated coaching programs are also designed at these colleges specially designed for the science students who aspire to become an engineer or doctor.

Some junior colleges also offer vocational training to students to let them succeed in their chosen career field. If you are looking for the perfect school or college to achieve your career goals or to prepare for the competitive exams, considering best junior colleges in Pune is the right option. The curriculum at these colleges is specifically designed to make sure that the students have the right skills and knowledge to prepare them ahead of time. These colleges aim at preparing students to become more confident and competent to step into the reputed institutes for professional education while developing self-discipline and universal values. If you really want to give wings to your career and looking for the best junior colleges, then it’s better to go through the below list of colleges preparing candidates for careers in Science, commerce and more streams:

1. Shivenri School and Junior College: This is one of the top junior colleges in Maharashtra preparing candidates for careers in engineering, medical and commerce field. Affiliated to CBSE, the college provides coaching for CET, IIT-JEE, CPT, CS, CWA Foundation coaching and more. The institute emphasizes on concepts and basics of the subjects which helps students to answer the multiple choice questions further in the competitive exams. A different approach towards problem-solving is important and Shivneri Junior college offers the best. The institute has the best faculty using unique teaching methodology to prepare students for their chosen career field. Residential facilities are also provided separately for boys and girls. To read more information about the college and other details, visit their official website.

2. MIT Junior College: This is another top ranked junior colleges offering the best quality higher education to the students while preparing them for the competitive exams. The institute has the highly-experienced and qualified faculty providing necessary knowledge and skills to students required to enter high-quality professional institutes. Integrated coaching is also offered for IIT-JEE, AIPMT and more along with HSC board examinations. The college also offers the best boarding facilities to the students.

3. Crescent High School and Junior College: This is one of the top-grade schools and junior colleges in the city imparting the best education and skills in students while preparing them for their professional education. They have proper laboratories to prepare students well for their science experiments. The curriculum at junior college for XI and XII Science and Commerce students is thoughtfully designed to make sure that the graduating students will have all the necessary skills to crack the entrance examinations for qualifications in the senior college.

Other popular Junior colleges in Pune are:

4. Modern College Pune
5. RIMS International School & Junior College

These are some of the top schools and junior colleges which you may choose for a high quality HSC education. To know more about these, one may visit the website of particular college.