Top Ten Romantic Birthday Gifts for a Girlfriend

Expectations are always high in women when comes to gifts.Whether the occasion, you need to give it your best shot to empress her.The notion that everyone has is that a good gift should be expensive and from a birthday gift delivery. This is not the case; in fact, I believe that the gesture if what counts and the perfect gift is what comes from the heart and not the pocket. There are a dozen gift ideas that are really awesome and are not costly. That is why I have dedicated this article to the men out there who are struggling to find that prefect gift for her. So, you can buy amazing gifts from, and also below are some more romantic gift ideas that will impress your loved one.

A Birthday Flower Gift


Flowers are romantic to any lady and you can’t go wrong with them. But you have to be careful with the type of flower you will choose for her. The best flowers for her birthday in this case are birthday red roses. Carnations can also work the magic provided they are well arranged. Since this is a very important celebration, the least you can do is order from a professional birthday flower delivery that has the expertise in flowers.

Ace of Hearts

Ace of Hearts
Ace of Hearts: Google

Another gift this is also unique and won’t cost much is a DIY homemade Ace of Hearts. Remember what a count is the effort that is put to come up with the gift. This is a pocket friendly gift idea that requires nothing but creativity and you are done. To create this gift all you need is a deck of cards that is quite affordable. Any guy will only see playing cards but turning to the other side are beautiful ace of hearts that are so beautiful. On a hard cover paper you can glue the cards showing the ace of hearts. Leave some space where you can not down a beautiful poem a lovely love letter to make it even romantic. You can also to compliment the gift.

Hometown Tourism

You can also decide to a take a romantic tour around your town with her so you can get that vacation feeling. You will be amazed on how little you knew your home city or town. If you reside on the country side, you can take a walk in the fields or go hiking if she is the adventurous type. This will give you a some quality time to bond while you reminisce on the old days when you young and restless. This will also not cost much. You can visit your local floral shop for nice birthday flower arrangements to surprise her.

Homemade Chocolate Cookies

This is where it gets a bit hard and you need to take a crash course on cooking to make it work. But if you know your way around the kitchen and you have a cook book, you will surely survive to tell the tale. Surprise on her birthday by baking her some yummy delicious chocolate cookies and a cold glass of milk on a hot summer afternoon. Make sure that you have outdone yourself. Make it even romantic by having beautiful as you present this wonderful gift of love. You will be surprised how good you are in the kitchen.

Historical Tour

Taking a trip down memory lane is another great way to reward your love. Unfortunately, many guys don’t find this romantic but it really is. For your love make an exception digging into your memory bank to come up with four or five locations that are important to you as a couple. You can start on how and where you first met, where you had your first date or even when you had your first kiss. You can do this after watching you favorite movie. This also gives you some quality time away from the busy hassle if life.

Car Decor

Give her a hint that you have something great planned for her birthday by decorating her car with beautiful birthday flower bouquet so that as she goes to work, she will be in for a big surprise – literary speaking –when she comes back from work. Put some of her favourite coloursto perfect the mood. One thing though is that you should not overdo it and make it look like a Christmas tree as thus may turn her of especially is she is an executive lady with a reputation to uphold in her workplace.

Get Her Some Nice Lingerie

Spice up things by getting her some nice sexy lingerie for her birthday. Just make sure that she is comfortable with scanty bedroom since some women find it hard to put on revealing attire even in the bedroom. As weird as it sounds, you should respect her decision and try out other gifts that she is comfortable with. If she is the wild type and into sexy underwear, then get her red or pink lingerie that makes her feel sexy and attractive and this will definitely give you a high score. They don’t have to be so tight you cab try out the loose ones and see how she feels about it.

Get Her Piece Jewellery

It goes without saying that jewelleryis a girl’s best friend and any lady will be mesmerized by its beauty. For her birthday a simple necklace or a bracelet perfect. You can choose from a collection of stone metal or beads. Whatever you choose make sure that you add a sentimental value to it by custom ordering it. This will entirely depend on the depth of your pocket.Don’t worry if you can’t afford expensive jewellery as there are many other great gifts that are pocket friendly.

Greeting Card

Greeting cards are nice birthday gifts for your girlfriend that doesn’t require a lot of money. A beautiful thing about them is that you can custom design them to add a personal touch the gift so that they can be more romantic. You can choose from various colourful designs like the heart shaped cards that convey the perfect love that you have for one another. You can also jot down a few words of love that will sweep her off her feet and make her birthday a memorable one. Don’t forget to accompany your gifts with some nice flower that will put a wide smile on her beautiful face.

Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed is another great gift idea that cost almost nothing. It quite standard, but instead of doing the regular pancakes-and-bacon thing, use a love theme for the breakfast. You can use a metal cookie cutter to make heart shaped bread pieces.Pop it into a greased frying pan and crack an egg into the heart-shaped hole. Serve it with a glass of juice while she is still in bed.

There you have is some of the best romantic birthday gift that will impress your girlfriend. Remember that the thought is what counts and you don’t need to sell you right kidney to impress her.

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