Top Three Reasons Why Physical Therapy is Beneficial

Physical therapy can be helpful for a wide range of people, no matter your age. It can be helpful to engage in physical therapy if you have a medical condition that limits your range of movement, or if you’ve sustained an injury in the past. If you find a physical therapist near you they can work with you to create a personalized treatment plan that can help you find your way to a smooth recovery and an improved range of motion. In fact, physical therapy can be so effective it’s often the first course of treatment that your regular healthcare professional recommends for injuries and recoveries. Interested to hear more about the benefits of this treatment? The following are some of the most obvious;

Avoid going under the knife

The primary reason your doctor might recommend you take up physical therapy is so you can progress your recovery without having to have an operation. Physical therapy techniques such as joint manipulations and exercises can reduce the level of pain felt and restore normal function to the affected area. If this can help you avoid surgery, it’s definitely worth doing.

Improve mobility and flexibility

Whatever your stage of life, you may at some point find yourself having trouble walking or moving in the way in which you are used too. This can be as an effect of an injury, a previous surgery, a medical condition or recovery from an incident such as a stroke. A good physical therapist will work with you on a range of exercises to suit your individual needs and can also help provide you with supportive physical therapy equipment fitted exactly to your measurement. If you require a walking aid for example, not having one at the correct height could be hindering your progress instead of helping you recover.

Faster recovery from sporting or accidental injuries

Even the youngest or most professional athletes may succumb to an injury at some point during their career, and you don’t have to be engaging in competitive sport to injure yourself either, after all, the most common cause of back injuries is incorrect lifting meaning you could put your back out simply putting the bins out. Of course, we would always recommend prevention over cure and so do lift from the knees and protect your back but should you be unlucky enough to come unstuck, physical therapy could be crucial in helping you recover your strength and get back to normal faster.

If these three reasons aren’t enough to persuade you of the benefits of physical therapy, perhaps the most important thing to remember is that a physical therapist is a medical professional who specializes in treating strength, mobility, balance, and recovery issues. Their treatment is non-invasive and so the risk to you is minimal whereas going under the knife always comes with associated risk. It could also help you to reduce feelings of pain and discomfort without the need to take painkillers that can mask an underlying problem or even leave you reliant on them for your day-to-day activities.