Travel in one of the safest airlines: Etihad airways

Are you about to make an Etihad booking for your destination? Well! Do it right away. As per the ranking of AirlineRatings, this UAE airline has become the second safest airline to travel to. Such ranking will surely attract more customers to this airline. AirlineRating is a famous portal that has published the annual rating of the airlines based on the safety norms they take for their customers. Thus Etihad airlines have received many accolades for its dedicated focus on passengers’ safety. Such ranking will surely elevate the UAE brand worldwide, which will increase the airline’s revenue.

Air New Zealand is present at the top of the list. This airline strongly focused on the security of the travellers, especially during COVID-19. Apart from Air New Zealand and Etihad airlines, there are Arab companies’ airlines that have received a good position in the safety parameters, making them the best brands globally. Qatar airline is in third place; two Arab firms have secured their position in the top three. Singapore Airlines and TAP Air Portugal airlines are in the fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

Apart from top rankings, many airlines have got the worst position and thus end up with between 11 to 20 positions in the list. Some of them are Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, Lufthansa/Swiss Group, Air France/KLM Group, American Airlines, Finnair, and Emirates Airlines.

Along with the annual list, AirlineRatings also came up with the ten safest and cheapest airlines in 2022. Airlines that made their position in this list include Allegiant, Volaris, Frontier, Jetblue, Jetstar Group, Westjet, and Wizz.

AirlineRatings is the only portal globally that ranks airlines as per their safety parameters. While ranking, this company has studied the data of 385 different airlines and checked them on various factors. The factors include the number of accidents within 5 years, government audits, the last two years of serious accidents, and the operators’ seniority.

For Etihad Airways, safety and security have always been a priority, and they follow this protocol in all their business sections. After successfully overcoming the obstacles that arose because of the pandemic, the company follows stringent measures to take care of its guests. With new variants of COVID-19 spread globally, this airline followed all the protocols to ensure that none of the passengers got affected with this virus during his journey.

Etihad Airlines has thousands of flights operating in the Middle East, Australia, Africa, Asia, and North America based in Abu Dhabi. This company has earned its name in coming up with a program that answers all the safety-related questions of the customers. The company organises a wellness program that runs 24 hours a day. This program talks about the safety of travellers during their journey. Also, they always assign a crew member to monitor and ensure that the health and hygiene of the passenger and airlines are maintained. They keep a watch on airlines from inside and at the airport where the airlines operate.

As per Terry Daly, Executive Director of Guest Experience, Etihad Aviation Group, 2020 has come up with many challenges for airline industries, but gaining such a good position in the safety parameters reveals the strength of Etihad airlines and its response to the pandemic. Etihad has shown its resilience and industry-specific measures to fight COVID-19. He added that Etihad is the only airline globally that made the COVID-19 test mandatory for every passenger before taking an airline. Since August 2020, none of its travellers has tested positive before flying. Etihad has attained a new height in safety measures during this tough situation. Such an achievement of this airline will allow passengers to travel with peace of mind.

As per the MD of Etihad, the wellness program of the company gives reassurance to the passengers about their safety, and instils their experience through the warm hospitality. The main aim of the company is to give peace of mind to them while travelling.

Bottom Line

This news is indeed a good one for those who love to travel in Etihad airlines as this has increased their trust for the company. The company has attained this position because of the additional efforts it put into keeping their passengers safe.