Types & Advantages Of Concrete Pump Hire

Do you need a huge concrete supply on the tenth floor of your building and you’re wondering how it’s going to reach there? Workers can take it up in wheelbarrows but it will require a lot of time and labor. What is an easy solution then? Booking a concrete pump hire! You can get a vast range of modern concrete pumps across London having different lengths of pipes. You must be wondering what is the concrete pump? It is a machine that pumps liquid concrete to area which doesn’t have access for a concrete truck-like rear garden, indoors, or different floors of a building. This method reduces or eliminates concrete spillage, as keen attention is paid to ensure there is no leakage in the pipes and concrete doesn’t get wasted. How much area can it cover?  On average the trucks are loaded with pipes reaching up to 45 meters. 

Concrete pump hire in London

A concrete pump doesn’t come with equipment only but a team of experts along to handle the pumping process with precision. They ensure to pour the concrete safely and professionally with highest standards. All you have to do is call on the company’s landline and discuss the best options for your project according to your specific needs. Relax now as concrete will be laid smoothly and precisely.

How does it work?

  • Call on the helpline number and inquire about concrete pump hire
  • Discuss all the requirements, length of pipe, type of pump hire and all other concerns
  • Specify any particular volume and mix of concrete or ask for recommendation from the team
  • Schedule a time for delivery according to your need while it is also available on 24/7 short notice for same or next day delivery.
  • Booking will be confirmed and the concrete pump truck will reach destination on scheduled time.

What are the advantages?

It is evident that concrete pumping is one of the easiest and efficient way of delivering concrete pumping website to site where there is no access through different modes of transportation while carrying through wheel barrows is a slow and hectic procedure.

  • Efficient method of delivery which saves time and labor
  • No wastage, spillage or mess
  • Easy access to site which is hard to reach with other means
  • Long reach of pipes goes through almost all obstacles
  • Cost efficient with accurate delivery of concrete

Types of concrete pump hire

There are two type of concrete pumping that are generally used in the industry, one being ground line pumps and other boom pumps. Both of them have their individual advantages that are beneficial in different site situations.

Ground line pump

This type of concrete pumping is executed with the help of steel pipes, hoses, aeroquip hose fittings, and hydraulic pumps that are loaded on a truck. The concrete is pumped at a speed covering almost 150m which is sufficient to access a far area.

  • It has a good capacity of transporting concrete at 1m3 per minute
  • Has a standard pipe 50 meters long capable of pumping over 150 meters long ground
  • Reaches areas that are not easy to access
  • Equipped with steel and flexi pipes
  • Flexi pipes helps to pour in round corners with ease
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to set up a line and pack it up once the job is done

Boom pump

This type of concrete pumping has greater reach as they access areas which are not reachable by ground pumps. It is also capable of going over a house and pumping concrete through hydraulic arm.

  • Has the capacity to reach 72m or more
  • Transports at a speed of 1m3 per minute
  • The special feature of hydraulic arm helps to lift and place the concrete line where it is hard to reach.
  • The pumps can be moved upstairs, over walls, fences and buildings
  • It caters both domestic and commercial customers
  • The pumping size varies from 20m to 72m
  • It is an efficient way saving time, money and labor

Domestic or commercial needs

The mostly asked question is “can I use concrete pump hire for my project”. The answer is that concrete pumping is inevitable where access is difficult. This is one of the best option to opt in commercial projects which have difficulty in access. As commercial projects needs to be efficient and effective therefore this type of concrete can be a good tool for timely and smooth execution.

Hire a specialist

  • Less mess is made with experienced and qualified team
  • Pipe with long length of 150m horizontally and 50m vertically
  • Less labor required to carry concrete in wheelbarrows up and down the building
  • Service Excellency with experienced and trained engineers.
  • Caters commercial and domestic customers