Understanding Facial Acne Problems and Treatment

If a pimple/wrinkles appear, it is best to use over-the-counter products. However, they should be water-based and should not contain any chemicals. Even if it can not be solved with conventional methods, treating it can help.

The best treatments for oily and acne-prone skin are those that prevent the production of sebum, limit bacterial growth, and stimulate the shedding of skin cells. These treatments can also help unclog the pores and prevent the appearance of new acne cells. Another type of treatment that targets male hormones is also effective for boosting collagen for skin.

Although there are many effective and safe treatments for treating facial problems such as; acne, or even facial lines like glabellar lines and crow’s feet, side effects can occur when a person tries a new one. So, it is important for people with severe or persistent cases of facial problems to see a doctor.

What Are The Nonprescription Treatment For Facial Problems – Especially For Acne

Treating facial problems like acne is somewhat irritating, so we recommend using a nonprescription treatment for facial skin problems, especially acne.


There are many different types of cleansers and soaps advertised to treat acne. They can contain various chemicals, such as salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Water And Soap

For people with oily or acne-prone skin, gentle cleansing with soap and water twice a day can help nourish and tone the skin. But, It does not mean that it can remove the acne that is already on your face. Although scrubbing can help clear up the appearance of acne, it can also injure the skin.

Benzoyl Peroxide

If you deal with mild to moderate acne, you may try taking a non-prescription drug that contains a substance known as benzoyl peroxide. It is believed that benzoyl peroxide works by destroying the bacteria that cause acne. It is also considered a safe and effective treatment for mild to moderate acne.

It is important to keep this product on for at least four weeks to prevent it from returning. Like many over-the-counter acne treatments, it does not affect the way the skin cells are produced, and it can be used continuously to keep the condition under control.

There are various types of products that contain benzoyl peroxides, such as creams, lotions, washes, foams, and gels. It can cause dry skin and bleach fabrics, So you have to be careful when applying it.


In addition to alcohol and drugs such as salicylic acid, sulfur can also be found in over-the-counter drugs for treating acne. Although sulfur can help prevent bacteria from growing on the skin, it can also cause temporary skin discoloration. It is not recommended for use on its own due to its unpleasant odor.

Salicylic Acid

Salicylic acid helps to remove dead cells from the skin. It can also help remove dead cells. For mild acne, salicylic acid can help unclog the pores and prevent new lesions. It does not kill bacteria and does not have an effect on the production of sebum. Like other acne medications, salicylic acid must be used continuously to prevent it from returning. It can be used in various products, such as creams and lotions.

Acetone and Alcohol

These substances are commonly combined with other over-the-counter drugs to make them effective for treating acne. However, they have little or no effect on the skin and are not recommended by dermatologists.

Creams or Tropical Retinol Gel

Retinol works by blocking the growth of the cells in your skin, which then helps prevent them from forming. This method can help prevent the formation of new pimples by increasing the turnover of the cells in your skin. It is best to use it continuously for at least 8 weeks to get the best results. However, the only over-the-counter retinol that is approved for treating acne is Differin Gel.

Natural Medication, Organic and Herbal

There are many natural and herbal products claiming to treat or prevent acne. However, these products are not proven effective and are unlikely to have many benefits.

Take note that, When the inflamed skin is ready to break, after a few minutes, apply a hot towel to encourage the natural bursting of the pimples. Never use tools such as scalpels or surgical instruments to open these wounds. Doing so could cause further inflammation and even permanent scarring.


Using the method of a nonprescription treatment is effective. However, it still has its advantage and disadvantage, which is why if you are going to use it for your facial problem, make sure that you are taking extra care of yourself. It may have helped you, but if you are not careful, you might suffer far more problems. That is why before using this method, it is recommended that you know what you are doing.
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