Unusual but amazing things to do in Sydney 

Sydney is one of the most fun places for tourists across the world. Of course, you will find several pieces on the spots you must visit and the activities you should do as a tourist – but most of them contain cliched stuff.

So, here, in this think piece, I’ve listed all the unconventional things you should do to taste the real culture of Sydney.

1. Try Bushwalking

This is the most unusual thing to do in Sydney. However, it’s very famous among locals because Sydney has lots of parklands and bush areas around the city.

You will see the hidden gems of Sydney, and the scenery will leave you spellbound. Depending on your physical fitness, you can take a whole day tour or one hour walk.

If you want to experience the classic Sydney bushwalk, which is from Bondi to Coogee, you will meet lots of tourists. The views near the middle harbor are stunning. You can take a snack break there.

2. Explore the amazing architecture of Australia’s most iconic building

The Opera house is famous for its unparalleled construction and exceptional engineering achievements. What if I tell you, you will get to see the hidden architectural wonders of this building? It is crazy, right?

But the opera house hosts this kind of trip from time to time. You can check the stages, concert halls, drama theaters, playhouses, etc. Your guide will share the secrets related to pulleys, props, sequins, and soundchecks.

The most amazing part of the tour is the VR experience. You can participate in the Sydney symphony orchestra through this device.

3. Watch the mind-blowing beauty of the Vivid festival with a model

Most tourists miss this opportunity. This is Sydney’s annual festival that lasts for 23 days. At the vivid festival, you will be able to witness an amazing combination of music, art, lights, technology, and science.

The most interesting part about this festival happens at night when every monument in Sydney dazzles with multicolored effects, patterns, and shapes. Once you see this, I guarantee you will never forget it.

Special moments like the lighting should be enjoyed with your close ones. But if you are taking this trip alone, you can certainly book a model from a Sydney escort service. Then, both of you can drink, eat and have the best night of your life.

4. Take a BBQ cooking class

If you are someone who is always fascinated with the art of cooking, then you must join these classes at least once. You will learn the best way to cook BBQ meat perfectly.

The chefs that conduct these classes are industry experts. They will share everything, like temperature, seasoning, etc., to cook a delicious BBQ. You can surprise your friends or loved ones with your new-found skill.

5. Taste the native Australian food at Quay

A lot of tourists miss out on authentic Australian food in Sydney, and it really breaks my heart. Honestly, you have never fully explored a city if you don’t indulge in their native food. So, make sure you visit Quay and make the most out of the native Australian food experience.

This place is run by Peter Gilmore, who himself is an executive chef at Bennelong. Bennelong is a widely known sophisticated restaurant in Sydney. In Quay, there’s a special team that oversees your dining experience.

6. Visit the white rabbit gallery

This place will be heaven for you if you are an art admirer. It is filled with the modern Chinese art of the twenty-first century, and the most mesmerizing fact is that only one woman owns all the pieces.

To provide a diverse artistic experience, they rotate the art frequently. After exploring all the artwork, you can stop by the teahouse to taste Chinese delicacy dumplings. Complete your meal with hot tea.

7. Book yourself a fantastic adventure on a tall cruise

The cruise offers you to experience the classic beauty of Sydney harbor. Only a few offer dining services with it, so if you’re willing to enjoy the beauty with wholesome food, make sure you buy tickets for that.

Over to you…

So, this was a list of unconventional activities you can do while in Sydney. Make sure to make your bookings early on. Don’t forget to use sunscreen before going out and keep yourself hydrated all the time.

Vivek is a published author of Meidilight and a cofounder of Zestful Outreach Agency. He is passionate about helping webmaster to rank their keywords through good-quality website backlinks. In his spare time, he loves to swim and cycle. You can find him on Twitter and Linkedin.