Utes and how we use them

A ute is a slang term used here in Australia and New Zealand as an abbreviation for utility or utility coupe, these are vehicles that have a tonneau or a special storage space behind the passenger compartment. This term has now been expanded in use to cover all the vehicles like pickup trucks and the kind. Utes have become a part of the culture in rural Australia with races and drastic modifications to the vehicles with custom aluminium ute trays, V8 engines and more. Since the 1990s there has been the “Deni Ute muster” held in the town of Deniliquin. This event and its popularity have made the town quite a tourist attraction. 

What is a Ute tray?

Other than the cultural part of it utes are used mostly used for transport of different hardware material from and to farms in rural Australia, because of the 4×4 features provided in utes it makes the vehicle easy to use in the most challenging of terrains.

Utes are economic for purchase and fuel-efficient during rigorous usage, with a lot of different varieties to choose from it gives the general rural population of the country an ideal vehicle for everyday usage. Utes have a lot of uses but cargo moving is its primary goal; ute trays are metal trays on the bottom of the storage space. having new trays add a lot of increased area for the ute and with many removable sides and other features, they give much more practical solutions for the truck. 

Advantages of aluminium ute trays

Storage capacity: Trays drastically increase the storage space in the truck, which means if necessary things like surfboards and more don’t need to be dumped in the back passenger seat to accommodate them.

Customisability: Trays can be custom made to your specifications like size, colour, and design, this helps you make your ute look more the way you want it rather than the dull factory finish you have. 

 Durability: A new proper aluminium Ute Tray Manufacturer Queensland with good durability may last almost an entire lifetime, so this decreases your stress about damage or breakage.

Added value: If you decide to sell your ute at some point in time, a good tray will affect the selling price of your vehicle making it much more profitable in the long run.

Useful for work: Trays have a lot of versatility, custom trays can be commissioned to fit the kind of work you do. 

Extra security: Trays now come with lockable toolboxes and more which help you keep your tools or money during work safe. 

Aluminum Vs steel 

Trays are made with aluminium and steel even though both do the job just as well but, both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. 

Weight differences: Aluminium trays weigh about only half of what steel trays weigh. The disadvantages are mostly only on the steel trays because due to the extra weight there is excess tyre wear and a drastic effect on fuel consumption. 

Strength: Steel is clearly the stronger of the two metals but aluminium does not lag behind enough to make a real difference, making both of them almost equal on this count but if there is a special need for extra sturdiness steel is the way to go.

Corrosiveness: Aluminium is non-corrosive so there is no need to worry there but steel on the other hand always has a risk of corrosion or rust, if the work is especially in a coastal or high humidity atmosphere aluminium is preferable. 

Cost: Aluminium is costlier than steel but has a lot more advantages than disadvantages, so aluminium is safe to say worth the price. 

Author Name Ester Adams