Video Poker: How to Play and Best Strategies

Since the 1970s video poker games acquired quite a reputation for themselves in the casino gaming industry. It has successfully become one of the most popular casino games as it offers the highest odds in the gambling. Although luck plays a significant role in video poker, the presence of great odds influences the outcomes for the player. One of the most interesting facts about video poker is that it allows the player to anonymously play the game as an individual. The psychological pressure that is typically produced by live poker games is completely eliminated. If you are one of the poker players who do not like to engage with the boss, the dealer or other players then video poker is the ideal online casino game for you. 

Rules of Video Poker

Video Poker is rather a very simple game to play. Even though you can find a wide variety of video poker games on the leading iGaming websites, they typically have one thing in common: five card draw poker. In video poker as well, the standard deck of 52 cards is used. Once you press the ‘deal’ button, you are given 5 cards in hand. Once you have checked out your cards, your next decision would be to pick which cards you would want to keep and the ones that you want to discard. 

Once you have made your decision, you should press the ‘Draw’ button so the machine replaces your discarded cards. The excitement begins right from this point. The winning depends on your ability to carry a poker hand such as flush, royal flush, two pairs or straight. The amount you win would depend on the poker value of the cards in your hand and the paytable of the machine that you are playing at. 

Best Video Poker Strategies

Even if you have learnt how to play the video poker game, you cannot earn a good amount of money unless you are applying the right strategies. Most of the players tend to make a common mistake of Guessing. With the right skills, you can easily win more games using the best video poker strategies that will also give you the much needed satisfaction and thrill. 

Picking the right pay table is the first step towards victory. Video poker makes it possible for you to check the expected returns that you can acquire before you even start to play the game. It is completely different from other poker games because you can anticipate the money that you will earn through different wins at the paytable. So, it is important for you to check out the best video poker machines with good pay tables before you begin investing your money in it. 

When an online casino keeps a profit of 3% then it’s known as house edge. This means that the returns will be 97% to the player. On the other hand, some websites may keep a lower house edge which implies that the player increases his chances of getting close to full play. So, the paytable that gives higher returns should be picked when compared to others. A good amount of research can give that direct information and a higher amount of money in return. 

Lastly, remember that all casino games are designed in such a manner that the house always wins in one form or the other. So, you must not invest too much in playing online casino games. Slow down your investments and play only for entertainment. With video poker, there is no one rushing you to finish the game so you can play at ease and gain the maximum from the amount you have paid. 

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