Ways to Make Bathroom Space More Useable for Big Families

Bathrooms are usually smaller than the rest of the rooms in a house, which is why they easily get cramped. This can be a bigger problem for people with big families. You have a small space to deal with, and there’s everyone struggling to get their skincare routine done, brush their teeth, use the toilet, and whatnot.

However, you can maximize your bathroom space by, say, replacing a bathtub with a duschkabine (shower cabin). There are plenty of other practical ways to significantly make bathroom space more useable for big families, which we’ll share in this article. Let’s dive into it!

1.    Install a Double Vanity

Having a double vanity installed in your bathroom will provide multiple benefits. For example, in the morning, everyone rushes to groom themselves and get ready for work or school. Having a double vanity allows for two sinks and mirrors, so most of your family members can use the washroom at once without any trouble.

In addition, extra vanity equates to extra storage space. The open shelving in your vanity will let you store several things like personal grooming items and toiletries and even hide not-so-pleasant garbage cans from sight.

2.    Tub-Shower Combination

Having a tub-shower combo in your bathroom will be ideal for meeting everyone’s preferences in your family. For instance, young children can take a bath, and adults can take a shower or use the tub to relax. Moreover, it’s a great way to save bathroom space and make it easier for the rest of your family to use the bathroom in a breeze.

It will also let you sell your home for a better resale value down the road, especially for families with both young and old family members who need to satisfy their individual needs.

3.    Ensure Hanging Space

Utilize the available hanging space in your bathroom to your advantage, so your bathroom can look less cramped, and you can make it more usable for your big family. For example, you can install pegs and hooks against the wall to hang your clothes or jewelry pieces. It would be better to keep them near the shower area.

You can also install towel bars to prevent your bathroom from looking damp and dirty. Whether you’re installing towel bars or pegs/hooks, consider the younger family members (children) for easier reachability.  

4.    Add a Seat

For households with children, you may want to supervise your kids in the bathroom for, say, when they are getting ready for school. Adding a seat allows you to boost the comfort and practicality of your bathroom, so your kids (or you) don’t have to sit on the toilet lid.

If you have a space for installing a custom bench seat, it will be a great addition to your bathroom to accommodate every family member.

5.    Light Is the Key

Introducing artificial and natural light into your bathroom can help it seem less cramped and more spacious. Lights serve the purpose of both functionality and style. If you have a suitable roof, you can talk to your contractor about installing a skylight to allow natural light into your space without taking up extra space in your bathroom.

Moreover, ceiling and wall lights with dimmer settings will allow you to start and end your day in a cinch while adjusting the brightness level according to everyone’s needs.