Ways to Travel from London Airport

Types of Transport for London Airport Transfers

United Kingdom hosts an estimated 236 million passengers using some of the busiest airports in the worldfor traveling in and out of the country and more than half of these passengers use the six London airports to travel. Heathrow alone is estimated to be 3rd largest airport in the world. Such huge influx of passengers comes with its own challenges and safe and convenient airport transfers towards central London is one of them challenges.

Technically speaking, there is no best way or right way to get transferred from the airport to central London or vice versa. It all depends on what sort of requirements you are demanding and what kind of budget you are operating at. There are many convenient and efficient ways to complete the transfer and it depends on your personnel preference how you would like to get that done.

Options for Airport Transfers

If you prefer to travel without any predicament and would require a comfortable and stress-free way to get the transfer done then there is no better way than luxury car chauffeur service. And if you are on a budget then there are cheaper ways available to get you transferred. Let’s explore all of the ways available and let you decide for yourself.

London Airport Transfers by Cab

As said earlier, the best way to be transferred completely depends upon your requirements and if your main requirement is to travel hassle free and without any stress then there is hardly any better way to get to your destination than a chauffeur driven luxury vehicle.

Once you are booked with a reputed cab service for London airport transfers, then the whole process becomes absolutely convenient. Those companies provide you complete solution to every problem you can fathom. They monitor your flight timings, send a chauffeur to greet you right at the terminal with a name card and whisk you away towards your destination in style.

You get ultimate convenience when you choose this medium to get transferred. You can leave when you want, where you want, it’s convenient, its stress free, you do not have to worry about luggage or routes and its ideal for late night or early morning departures or arrivals.

There are many well reputed options available that offer such service and cab service London is one of them. You can benefit from a decade long experience of taking care of corporate clients at economical rates.

Airport Transfers by Bus Service

Relatively speaking, this option is the exact opposite to the option that we have discussed above. This is an extremely economical option but it comes with its own downsides as well. Yes, you can get to your destination without spending much but it’s extremely difficult and tiring as well.

You have to find the bus stop which are usually located at a fair distance from the airport. So, prepare to drag the luggage and the family with you all the way and then its painfully slow and takes ages to cover the distance. You may have to transfer multiple buses depending on which airport you are transferring through. Finding your way into central London is not an easy task and you have to research through various routes and layouts to plan your journey. You also have to wait at a bus stop for possibly long periods of time and antisocial elements in the bus could be bothersome. Especially now a days due to the current pandemic it is not a safe option anyway.

National Express Airport Transfer

If you are adamant to use the bus for the transfer between airport and central London then National Express is slightly better choice. It may be slightly more expensive than the normal bus service but it’s a straight forward service without any unnecessary stops along the way and is way more comfortable than the normal bus service.

If we look at the down sides than again it is time consuming, difficult to follow schedules, and full of hassles and again is not an ideal choice during the pandemic.

Airport Transfers by Train

There are some London airports that are connected by the rail network and by far the most stress-free way of transferring yourself barring the luxury vehicle service, is train. It is a fast, convenient and professional way to get from point A to point B. you can easily have ample amount of luggage available and from the airport its very convenient short distance to the train station so you can drag the luggage and family with you with easy too.

There are a few down sides that we cannot deny and have to mention over here. Its not cheap service and cost a considerable amount to use. It might be an easy way to get to the central London but can only take you so far and then you have to complete the rest of the journey with the city on alternative transportation. Anti-social elements can be bothersome during the journey and pandemic could be a threat to travel in short distance.

Airport Transfer by London Underground

Most of the London airports are connected with the underground and you can board them near the airports as well. It is very convenient way to transfer between the airport and central London and departs at regular intervals. It is economical way of transportation and you do not have to find and navigate the routes as its pretty straight forward.

Downsides of this medium of transport is that they are usually very busy and it is a hassle to use them when you have lots of luggage and family with you. Depending on the place you are looking to reside, you might have to change the lines, sometimes more than once. Going underground means dragging your luggage up and down on stairs and again antisocial elements can be bothering and during the pandemic it is not advisable to travel on public services where social distancing is virtually impossible.

Precautions DuringCovid 19

Covid-19 has changed the way the world works and it is strictly advisable to travel only when it is absolutely necessary. We recommend the following precautions before you commit to travel in any of the above-mentioned transportation medium.

  • Frequently wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.
  • Wear mask and disposable gloves as much as possible as this is one sure way to keep the virus away.
  • Keep social distancing at all times.
  • Try not to touch any common points such as door handles and railings and windows.
  • Keep a bottle of sanitizer with you all the time and use it frequently.
  • Keep the ventilation points open and place yourself nearest to the ventilation points.

Since this pandemic is evolving on permanent basis so it is better to keep abreast with the latest developments and develop with the precautions accordingly.