Ways to Treat Sun Damages

Most individuals prefer the summertime since they can bask in the sun. However, even though they bask, excessive exposure to the sun can damage their skin. The process of treating the damaged skin may take a long process. Since the damaged skin affects the individual’s appearance, the individual’s self-esteem is highly affected. After the summer, most people look for areas where they can get their skin treatment. The increased sun damage Fort Worth has increased the number of individuals looking for healthcare treatment. The main cause of sun damage is the UVB rays shorter than the UVA rays. The risk increases when people do not have the proper protection from exposing themselves to the sun for long. The following are ways you can use to undo the sun damage.

CO2 Laser

Even though most people fear Co2 lasers, the new models of lasers are more effective. For instance, it does not cause excessive redness or cause the skin to have a raw appearance during recovery. Therefore, the laser can help an individual when they have an appointment that is not far. The CO2 lasers are now fractionated lasers. Therefore, the damage to the skin will be only in fewer pinpoints. Therefore, you should consider using a laser to correct skin damage.

Reevaluating skincare

Reevaluation of the skin is one of the crucial measures in treating sunburn. It is among the first treatment measures for patients having skin defects. Skin reevaluation aims to explain why you have certain sun damage. Besides, it enquires about the activities you have been engaging in over the summer. During the reevaluation of skin care, you explain the types of sun protectants you apply daily, such as serum. Males should use antioxidant serums rich in vitamin C that effectively prevent sun damage.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

The intense pulse light provides another treatment mechanism, especially for first-time patients. The IPL helps treat the lighter sunspots on the skin surface. If you have these lighter sunspots, your skin will have brown and red patches with a particular pattern. IPL produces light with extreme energy that can force the red and brown spots out of the surface and eventually disappear. Therefore, if you have sun damage or freckling, you should seek IPL treatment which eliminates the spots within the shortest period.

Microneedling using radio frequency

Microneedling is another form of treatment that occurs at the collagen level. Microneedling is effective for patients having sun damage lines deeper in the skin. Microneedling through radioactivity will help improve your collagen layer, which boosts the appearance of the skin. Essentially, Microneedling involves creating tiny holes on the skin, which leads to the establishment of different layers other than the collagen layers and the skin surface. Therefore, the micro-needling breeds in the treatment of the deeper layer, which improves the outer skin layer.

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