What are the classy Baby Girl Names that start with D?

Every parent-to-be has this confusion while they ponder over multiple ideas and suggestions for naming. And it’s legit, isn’t it? After all, all mothers and fathers want to give the best names to their baby girl or boy. 

For this reason, making a decision in advance not only gives you more time to think, but allows you to think freely too.

If you are thinking of baby girl names starting with ‘B’, you’re guaranteed to find some good ideas here.

Check classy baby girl names from our collection below, or dive into the infinitely-long naming directory of CocoFinder to research well for your baby.

Elegant-Most Names for your Baby Girl

CocoFinder’s entire range of classy baby girl names with D is listed below, ranking among the US top 1000 baby names. Let’s get started!

  1. Daisy

The name ‘Daisy’ embodies purity and innocence based on the language of flowers. These relatable traits come along with welcoming your baby to your heavenly abode. 

However, this classy baby name ‘Daisy,’ indicates ‘day’s eye,’ which was derived from the Old English ‘daegeseage.’ 

So, with its splendid and mirthful images, the name was celebrated as the most classy baby girl names that start with D.

  1. Dahlia

‘Dahlia’ is one of the famous and cutest flower names, used mainly in Britain, where it is pronounced as ‘DAY-lee-a.’ However, it originated from a famous Swedish surname, which means ‘Dahl’s flower.’ 

So, it presumes to have recouped from what was understood as a mildly affected la-di-dah air. Such an elegant flower name is given in the gratitude of Swedish botanist Andreas Dahl.

  1. Destiny

If your kiddo feels more than the most prominent fortune, you should consider calling her ‘Destiny,’ which means ‘the one who brings certain fate or fortune.’ 

So, starting from scratch, the term ‘destine’ is a leading derivative of the Latin word ‘destinare’, which means, ‘to determine.’ Such a cutest and classic baby name, ‘Destiny,’ started its journey as a first name at the end of the 20th century.

  1. Danielle

The name ‘Danielle’ is evidently the French feminine version of Daniel, which means ‘God is my judge.’ American parents have gladly accepted this name for their little one. 

It debuted on the superior baby-name charts in the 1930s and acquired a massive ranking from the middle of the 1980s to the 1990s. So, it is a charming and European-flavored name, which received an enormous likability factor. 

All thanks to Danielle Panabaker of ‘The Flash’ and Danielle Johnson of ‘Orange Is the New Black.’

  1. Dorothy

The name ‘Dorothy’ is the English variation of Greek Dorothea, which means ‘gift of God.’ In the 1930s, Dorothy, a popular character, left Kansas and reached the Land of Oz. She was a golden character, residing in Miami with her roommates Rose and Blanche. 

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, ‘Dorothy’ is an incredible name of the famous heroine in Frank Baum’s ‘The Wonderful World of Oz.’

  1. Davina

‘Davina’ is the classy baby girl name that starts with D, a favorite Scottish character, which has quite an analogy to the term ‘divine.’ 

Here, ‘Davina’ means ‘a little deer.’ So, it is an essential baby name of various feminizations of David utilized in Scotland, which includes Davinia, Davida, and Davidina. It got massive popularity in the USA and ranked in the top 1000 list of baby names in 2016.

  1. Dayana

This elegant name ‘Dayana’ is the cutest Hispanic variant of ‘Diana,’ which significantly belongs to a veteran Venezuelan actress, producer, and model ‘Dayana Mendoza.’ 

Moreover, we have some other popular personalities like the South American orchid, whose charming name comes from the surname of leading English Botanist John Day.

Its utilization can be minutely attributed to the popularity of Diana, a beautiful Princess of Wales.

  1. Dixie

A sassy showgirl and pretty waitress kind of name, ‘Dixie,’ is also a top-notch travel destination. This Latin or French name received so many appellations due to the major amalgamation of these two cultures. 

Hence, it means ‘I have tenth or spoken.’ The attractiveness of the name ‘Dixie’ has fallen from their brand name due to the significant association of white and slavery privilege. 

  1. Delta

The name ‘Delta,’ is a classy baby girl name that starts with D, mainly originated from ancient Greek origin. 

So it becomes a bit outdated now, but it is ranked 2872 in popularity and has the powerful meaning of ‘born forth.’ Lastly, ‘Delta’ also indicates the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet.

  1. Dalila

‘Dalila’ is an elegant and cutest girl’s name, which means ‘delicate’ in Swahili. The names spelled or sound like ‘Dalia’ exist in numerous languages, ranging from Swahili Dalili to the Arabic Dalil to the Hebrew Deliah. 

While all these flabbergasting phrases possess more delicate sounds, you will only have a meager confusion if you follow one of those names apart from the original term, ‘Dalila.’

  1. Dua

It is the sweetest and uncommon name for baby girls, which means ‘good wishes,’ or ‘acknowledgement.’ If you are a pop song fanatic, you must know the famous British pop singer Dua Lipa. 

However, the meaning of this name in Albanian is ‘love.’ So, the name became an incredible choice among Hindu and Christian parents!

  1. Divvy

Your newborn must be a dazzling star in everyone’s eyes! So, naming her after ‘Divvy’ will be a surreal choice for every parent as it means ‘dazzling.’ Despite its resemblance to a nickname, ‘Divvy’ is an absolute first name too! 

Concluding words

Heartily congratulations on your baby girl! All the aforementioned top 12 girl’s names are the perfect combination of sweetness, uniqueness, portraits of one’s culture, and many more. And if you cannot finalize yet, you can also look into the beautiful and unique name lists at CocoFinder. 

So, which one of these classy baby girl names that start with D is your absolute preference? Don’t forget to let us know.