What Are the Differences between EBooks and Audio Books? 5 Things to Know

If you are a book enthusiast, eBooks and audiobooks are two digital copies of books that are becoming popular for literature consumption. While they don’t mean to replace traditional books, they offer an alternative way to experience what books provide. These two formats enable you to find your next reading quickly, even in transit.

Both eBooks and audiobooks have their strong and weak points when you want to consume literature. As a result, everyone will have their preferred mode of reading. Some people have argued that audiobooks are a better way to learn because you don’t have to concentrate on every written word. So, are audiobooks better than eBooks, or is the old reading method superior? Here are five differences between an audiobook and an eBook.

1.     Format

The format is the primary distinction between audiobooks and eBooks. EBooks allow access to a wide variety of books electronically. The printed book has the exact words and characters; you simply read them on an eBook reader and a separate gadget. To read books on your device, you may download an eBook reader. You may read eBooks on your computer in several forms, including Word documents and PFDs files.

Audio books provide the audio versions of a book for you to listen to on your phone, tablet, or MP3 device. They have a voice actor narrating the book as you listen. If you don’t want to read many pages of a book, just turn to audiobooks and listen to them. Information is more widely available because of this format.  You can quickly and conveniently listen to Canarit audiobooks on your computer or Smartphone.

2.     Reading Experience

EBooks provide a visual reading experience where you receive a text on your screen and choose the font size, style, and background color according to your preferences. It’s also easy to highlight eBooks without worrying whether the book is intact. You can scan through an eBook to find highlights and understand the content. However, you can get various distractions depending on your written content. For example, notifications may appear on the phone while reading, distracting you from the book and making it a cult of focus.

With audiobooks, get an auditory reading experience. Audiobooks make you less likely to be distracted by those around you because you plug them straight into your ears. You can isolate yourself from a noisy background with earphones and listen to audiobooks. If you don’t have to pay attention to a task like learning to cook or drive in unsafe conditions, you can listen to an audiobook and learn. However, since you must wear a listening device, it can be unpleasant if you’re traveling for long periods. The audiobooks require that your device has a power source because if it runs low or dies, you won’t listen to the book.

3.     Portability

Both eBooks and audiobooks are portable compared to physical ones. You can install them on a device and read them while traveling or doing chores. EBooks are lightweight, so they won’t use too much baggage allowance, allowing you to read wherever you like.

You can read an eBook even in the dark without disturbing other residents or fighting over the bedside lamp. Also, this format allows access to your books at all times without restrictions. You can take the library anywhere because all information is stored online. However, you will need the power to use an eBook. So, if a tablet or iPad runs out of power while traveling, you will be bookless.

Similarly, audiobooks are on electronic devices so you can listen to them from anywhere. Are you traveling or reading a recipe to cook? Simply turn on an audiobook, and you are set. The best thing about listening to a book is that you won’t have to turn pages or scroll. However, this format needs a device with audio playback capabilities.

Therefore, while audiobooks are portable, you still need a listening device to access titles and avoid disturbing those around you. They may also need headphones or speakers to access the content. Audiobooks are also extensive files that require a bit of space on your phone or tablet compared to eBooks.

4.     Availability

If you are concerned with availability, you will sometimes find different book titles for eBooks and audiobooks. Some titles in one format may need to be present in the other. EBooks have countless titles and only take up a little space compared to physical books.

You can access hundreds of titles on one device and do endless reading on the go. For example, you can get most of the classics and some new releases on an eBook while enjoying a vast array of fan fiction and self-published content. The eBook format allows you to transfer books between devices using available apps.

You can listen to audiobooks anytime if you have an audible book edition. Hence, you can listen to a book while doing other things. However, you cannot skip any pages; you must follow the story in every detail.

If you have an audible book edition, you can use your phone or tablet to listen to audiobooks anytime. However, you must read every page in order; you cannot skip any. So pick a book with a compelling plot to avoid getting bored.

5.     Pricing

Audiobooks and eBooks may have various prices. EBooks often cost less than physical books and are occasionally cheaper than audiobooks. They are simply the electronic form of physical books and don’t require much effort. The main drawback to eBooks is the price of the eBook readers and applications needed to read them.

On the other hand, most audiobooks are expensive compared to eBooks. This is because of the significant production expenses of recording and editing the audio content. You need a quality audiobook listening device, which might add to the cost.

The price considers the recording studio costs, labor, and voice actors, which means audiobooks, are significantly more expensive to keep and distribute than eBooks.

Bottom Line

Excellent reading material can make a three-hour journey feel like 10 minutes, and there’s no better way than delving into a fabulous story while traveling. You can read an eBook or an audiobook, depending on your preference.

This article has highlighted the differences between audiobooks and eBooks to help you choose the best platform to read while traveling. You can use different factors to select the best book format. Ensure you weigh the options and consider the best layout for you and your lifestyle.