What Are the Different Types of Swarovski Crystals 

Swarovski offers a vast collection of crystal types that cater to various creative projects and fashion needs, from flat-back rhinestones to sew-on crystals. In this article, we will explore the different types of Swarovski crystals and highlight these stones’ unique characteristics and applications.

Standard Swarovski Crystals

Standard Swarovski crystals are the more common Swarovski products always in stock. They come with a 4-digit item number and are available in 6 categories, including: 

Swarovski Round Stones

Swarovski round stones, or Chatons, are some of the most common Swarovski crystals due to their simplicity, variety, luxury and application. Their label number begins with ‘1’ and is available in 17 variations. These crystals are perfect for all kinds of jewellery and accessories. 

Flat Back Hotfix and No Hotfix

These crystals feature a flat bottom and a faceted top, adding a dazzling sparkle to any surface they are applied to. They are commonly used for embellishing clothing, accessories, shoes, and home decor items. Their label number begins with ‘2’, and they are available in 60 different variations. 

Hotfix flatbacks come with a layer of glue on their flat side that requires heat or steam to be attached. On the other hand, no hotfix flat backs do not come with any glue and are applied using an external glue. You can also explore antique pink coloured Swarovski crystals for you.

Sew-On Crystals

Swarovski sew-on crystals feature holes on either end, enabling them to be easily stitched onto fabrics, accessories, or jewellery designs. Their label number begins with ‘3’, and they are available in various shapes, including round, square, oval, and more, offering versatility in design. Sew-on crystals can be used to embellish garments, handbags, and shoes, and as decorative elements in home decor projects.

Fancy Stones 

Swarovski fancy stones feature multiple facets and intricate cuts designed to maximise their brilliance and light refraction. Their label number begins with ‘4’, and they are currently available in over 180 different variations of colours, sizes and shapes. These stones can be used in embroidery, beading or crafting projects.

Crystal Pearls and Beads 

Although crystal pearls and beads are different categories, their label numbers start with ‘5’. Swarovski crystal pearls are luxurious and precise imitations of actual pearls, albeit with the signature Swarovski sparkle. They have a crystal core and a pearlised coating, offering a high-quality alternative to natural pearls. 

Swarovski beads come in various sizes, shapes, and colours and are suitable for a wide range of beading.

Crystal Pendants

Swarovski crystal pendants are exquisite pieces in various sizes and colours, making them ideal for creating stunning necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Their label number begins with ‘6’ and is available in various shapes, ranging from classic teardrops to other intricate geometric shapes. 

Special Swarovski Crystals

Special Swarovski crystals are forward-integrated items that are manufactured based on customer demands. Ideally, the customers can customise their order based on type, shape, size, colour, and shade. They come with a 5-digit item number and are available in 6 categories:

Cup Chains and Findings

These metal chains are mostly made up of round and fancy stones arranged side-by-side to create an elegant design. They are available in various shapes, sizes, colours and platings and divided into the following subcategories: 

  • Single Stone Settings
  • Cupchains and Brass Components
  • Multi Stone Settings
  • Channels
  • Rondelles
  • Linked Findings

Plastic Trimmings

These products feature an integrated crystal core and plastic carrier material. They include basic bandings and mini rondels, which can be hand-sewn, machine-sewn or glued on various surfaces. 

Metal Trimmings

Metal trimmings feature an integrated crystal core and metal carrier material. They include:

  • Flat Back Bandings
  • Rose Pins, and 
  • Rivets, which can be hand-sewn, machine-sewn or mechanically applied onto various materials. 

Due to their rigidity, they are commonly used in textiles, footwear, and accessories. 


Synthetics feature several exquisite crystal products, including:

  • Crystal Fabric
  • Crystal Rocks
  • Crystal Ultra Fine Rocks, and 
  • Crystal Medley. 

These products come in various colours and effects and can be used in several creative designs. 

Crystal Mesh

Swarovski crystal mesh is a flexible fabric covered in tiny crystals, creating a stunning and luxurious look. It can embellish clothing, accessories, handbags, and footwear, providing a glamorous and eye-catching finish. 

Hotfix Stickers

A Swarovski hotfix sticker features up to 18 crystal elements that can be attached to any fabric using heat or steam. 


The Swarovski brand offers various crystal types and styles to suit any creative project or fashion endeavour. Explore the list above to select a crystal for your upcoming fashion or jewellery project.