What are the types of Hand Tools

Hand tools are some of the most essential items for people who love to work with wood, are homemakers, and have a hobby of gardening. These tools are purely there to make your hand labor easier and do not require any electrical or motor power to work. There are certain tasks around the house that you can accomplish yourself if you have the right tool and you will not have the need to call for external help.

While some of the tools are versatile and can help you accomplish a variety of tasks, others would only be suitable for certain specific purposes.  But before you hastily start shopping, read ahead to know the list of essential hand tools that you should look for in the best hand tool kit in India and also, you’ll guided with what things to consider before buying one.


A hammer is a tool that is used for applying high force in a small area. It is a long wooden stick attached with heavy metal on one end. It can be used for breaking things, driving nails onto the wall, etc. It is one of the handiest tools that will help you accomplish a lot of tasks around the garden and kitchen. The round end of the metal is used to beat up things with huge force while the edgy end on the other side of the metal is used for pulling out nails, rubber mallets, wielding residue, etc. Hammers come in different sizes and you can easily buy the entire hammer kit at the nearest multi-utility store.

Screwdriver set

Most of the appliances and furniture around the house are put together with the help of screws. These screws might get loose with time or need tightening. A screwdriver set is therefore one of the most essential hand tools that every homeowner should have. You can use screwdrivers for tightening the screws of bikes, furniture, appliances as well as for fixing and checking the electrical connections. The screw sizes and shapes differ from one appliance to another; therefore, it is best to purchase the entire screw kit from the market in a single go.

Measurement tape

A measurement tape is another tool that would make your life a lot easier. As the name suggests, a measurement tape is used to measure the height, width, length, and depth of any object or material. Especially if you want to buy new furniture for your house or plan to redecorate, a measurement tape would prove to be quite handy in getting the dimensions of the room right. Make sure the measurement tape you buy is portable and convenient to carry in your pockets.


Pliers are quite handy when you want to pull out something. Mostly used for pulling out insulated wires from the cable, walls, or wood, they can also be used to tighten doorknobs, hooks, and other such things. There are five types of pliers that are found in every workman’s tool kit- groove joint pliers, slip joint pliers, long-nosed pliers, lineman pliers, diagonal pliers. The pliers are multi-purpose tools, they can be used to pull, tighten, cut, bend, and remove objects and therefore are a must-have for your tool kit.


If you have to work with bolts and nuts, the wrench is your go-to tool. The wrench is used to tighten and loosen up bolts and nuts and therefore, is a blessing for your garage. The two types of wrench that you will encounter in the market are adjustable wrench and non-adjustable wrench.  If you are working on large projects then an adjustable wrench is the right tool for you because you will be able to adjust its jaw making it suitable for different sizes of nuts and bolts. The non-adjustable wrench is preferred for smaller projects that do not require working with different sizes of nuts and bolts.


Many times you have to work on the dark spots of your house like- garage, beneath pipes, or other such areas. And no amount of bright light in the room can reach these corners; therefore, you would need a flashlight to guide you in the dark. If you slip some tiny object out of your hands, your entire project would be compromised. Having a flashlight in your tool kit will ensure that you get visibility in the darkest corners of your home. Make sure to check the battery life and the size of the flashlight before you buy one.

Conclusion If you are starting as a newbie then this list of tools would be enough for you. There are plenty of other hand tools available in the market that you can get your hands on, but make sure to not overbuy the tools that you would not even require. The tools mentioned in this post should be enough for small projects and starters.