What Does a Real Estate Agent Attorney Do?

If you are preparing to enter a real estate transaction, you may be wondering what specifically working with an experienced real estate agent attorney entails and how they can help guide you through the complex process. Here is an overview of the key services a real estate agent attorney provides and how their real estate and legal expertise adds value when buying or selling property.

Provide Expert Property Valuations

One of the most important services a real estate agent attorney performs is assessing a property’s value prior to listing or making an offer. They will do in-depth research into comparable sale prices in the area and carefully analyze the home’s square footage, features, location, and other attributes to determine a fair market value estimation. This helps buyers and sellers set appropriate offer amounts and listing prices.

Market Properties Effectively

For clients selling homes, real estate agent attorneys will handle marketing the property to prospective buyers. This includes listing the property on MLS databases, coordinating showings and open houses, promoting the listing through their industry connections, advising on any prep work or staging, and overall creating maximum possible interest in the home for sale.

Negotiate All Offers and Contracts

Real estate agent attorneys are highly skilled negotiators who will negotiate offers, counteroffers, and all real estate contracts on their client’s behalf to get the best possible terms and price. They know what clauses and contingencies to include to protect their clients legally and financially through the transaction process. Their negotiating expertise saves clients money.

Oversee Financing and Mortgages

Real estate agent attorneys have extensive knowledge of financing options and underwriting requirements. They can advise clients on ideal mortgage products and programs and help buyers through the financing application process. Their oversight of financing details optimizes terms and improves the loan experience.

Coordinate Third Party Services

Through their network of connections, real estate agent attorneys can recommend and coordinate reliable third-party services clients may need, like home inspectors, contractors, title companies, escrow officers, and more. Vetting and onboarding these services on a client’s behalf minimizes stress.

Resolve Any Purchase Contingencies

During real estate deals, contingencies like home inspections often arise that require negotiation. Real estate agent attorneys leverage their legal expertise and prior experience to handle these negotiations and resolve any purchase contingencies favorably on behalf of their clients.

Review All Documents and Disclosures

With their legal background, real estate agent attorneys will carefully review all documents like purchase agreements, disclosures, title commitment reports, HOA bylaws, and more to ensure they are complete, accurate, and protect the client. They also oversee that required disclosures get completed properly by all parties.

Advise on Transaction Timelines

Keeping your real estate transaction moving efficiently requires experience and diligent tracking of deadlines. Real estate agent attorneys oversee the entire timeline for buyers and sellers, advising clients on document requirements and deadlines to avoid delays. Their oversight optimizes the transaction schedule.

Having an experienced real estate agent attorney guide you through the complex process provides peace of mind knowing you have both real estate and legal expertise on your side. They have the skills and knowledge to handle all aspects of the transaction seamlessly.