What is an SAP Cloud Platform? How Important is it for Business Today?

Most of you know that SAP software is developed to manage customer relationships and daily operations. Now that users have moved to the internet for launching new products and technologies, SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) comes as a platform service. It provides developers and companies a free space to create and test their applications.

SAP HANA cloud platform offers an open standard and open source to companies and software vendors to use various features and properties of SAP to test and develop their applications seamlessly. Over 16,000 partners and customers use SCP to build their applications.

Why should you consider it too? You’ll be learning the details about the SAP cloud platform in the post. After reading this article, you can decide whether you find SCP feasible for your application development or not. So, scroll down to learn the properties, benefits, and worth of SAP cloud platforms without further ado.

What does SCP offer to its user?

It is an open platform that anyone can use to develop, test and deploy applications. It uses a different environment to create applications that include Neo, Cloud Foundry, and other programming languages.

How do you get access to the SAP cloud platform?

SAP cloud platform comes in two commercial models. These are the consumption-based model and subscription-based model. The two models are created to offer flexibility to companies so that they don’t have to pay for services that they don’t require unnecessarily.

The subscription model allows companies to access all SCP features at a fixed price and for a limited duration. Suppose you subscribe for a year at a defined cost; you get access for one year at a fixed rate.

On the other hand, the consumption model allows users to use SCP and scale up their requirements based on their business needs. Companies can invest in the model with credit and add more credit depending on the purpose they need a service.

What features can you avail with SCP?

SAP Cloud Platform has incredible capabilities. SAP listed down almost 19 capabilities that their product offers. Here is a list of a few that you will certainly get when using SCP.

  • It allows you to develop mobile applications that can smoothly run on different IoT devices.
  • More user-specific experiences enable the developer to create a personal experience for application users.
  • It provides advanced analytic features that give you the benefits of getting real-time analyses.
  • To make development and operations more effortless, you get DevOps. 
  • It allows seamless integration while using cloud applications and on-premises.

How is SAP Cloud Platform different from SAP HANA Cloud Platform?

The two platforms have different purposes. Both originate from the same technology, but they differ in their service models.

SCP is a Product as a Service (PaaS), whereas HEC is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). HEC consists of tools that allow organizations to run their operations. It is SAP applications that create backups, support management, monitor data, detect and identify problems, help with recovering and restoring data, and have many other data management features.

If you want to get into the details of how HEC supports business today, book a free consultation with leading SAP companies in India. Before you get into the final discussion, check the reputation and success rate of the company.

The best companies will give you the flexibility to compare and understand the process to gain your confidence and assurance.

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