What is Nasya Treatment?

Many still don’t know about the Nasya treatment that is carried out by the department of ayurvedic medicine. The use of this treatment is an age-old practice to cleanse the body from the negative aura. There are different ayurvedic spas and salons where this Nasya treatment is available.

The nose is one of the most important sense organs. One feels suffocated if one cannot breathe for a minute or two. The nasal cavity connects the body and maintains important organs like the heart, brain, and lungs.

This blog will be discussing what is meant by Nasya treatment? What are the different types of Nasya treatment available in the market? What is the procedure of this treatment? What is the effect of Nasya treatment?

What is Nasya Treatment?

In Herbal remedies, Nasya is a type of Panchakarma treatment for body purification. Nirvana, nasya, nasya karma, and other terms are all used for the treatment of and through the nasopharyngeal cavity.

Nasya has been demonstrated to reduce the signs and symptoms of scoliosis in interventional studies. Myopia has been the subject of nasya clinical trials. Ayurvedic practitioners have found that pradhaman nasya is effective in treating post-nasal drip.

The term ‘Nasya’ is a Latin word meaning “something related to nose”. As a result, ayurvedic medicine is administered through the nasal cavity in this Nasya treatment. Herbal medication is inhaled through the nose inside the case of oil or vapor.

What are the different types of Nasya treatment?

There are almost five types of nasya treatment that have been mentioned below. Following are the different types of Nasya Treatment:

1. Virechana Nasya:

Skin problem

Cold or running nose


Tired eyes etc.

2. Bruhana Nasya:


Frozen neck


Depression, Scary and anxiety 

Dizziness etc.

3. Shamana Nasya:



4. Navana Nasya:

Aggravated doshas

5. Marshya Nasya:


Dryness and Stress.

What is the procedure of treating people with nasya treatment?

Process of this Treatment:

An appropriate botanical lubricant is softly rubbed through into the neck, face, shoulders, and chest; warmth fomenting is used to assist in promoting dampness and the required quantity of botanically produced liquid substances is gently dropped or blown into the nose – one at a time – while breathing.

Following this, the area around the nose, chest, palms, and foot is gently but forcefully rubbed. The nasya treatment is performed on an empty stomach to get the best result. The best time to perform the procedure depends on the temperature of the body as well as the surrounding.


Nasya helps with rhinitis, anaphylaxis, asthma, brain fog, migraines, sneezing, and other nasal diseases. It also treats neck and shoulder musculoskeletal injuries, as well as ailments of the eyes, ears, gums, and teeth.

The action of this therapy on the sciatic nerve in the nasal cavities cleans the respiratory system and activates the nervous system. This has to be applied till the 30mins.


The Nasya treatment is the ayurvedic cleansing procedure that is based on panchakarma treatment. This treatment helps in treating complex diseases like migraine, allergies, rhinitis, sinusitis, and headaches.

The Nasya treatment can be done at a proper interval of thirty to forty-five days. If anyone thinks of taking it daily, this treatment can be used at a very low dosage. However, discretion from an ayurvedic specialist doctor is essentially important before starting this treatment. Also, if you’re facing other kinds of health issues like dental issues, you should visit a cosmetic dentist in modesto.

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