What is the difference between the syllabus of LSAT and AILET?

If you’re aiming for a good law school, you have to undergo several entrance tests to score a seat in your expected Law School. Furthermore, you’ve to choose your Law entrance exam: there are so many Law entrance exams that it can get confusing. The two most popular law exams are LSAT and AILET, and the rest of the law exams that you find online, like CLAT, LNAT, etc., or offline. Exams in your cities and colleges are generally based on these two. AILET exam and LSAT have different syllabi, and thus, their formats might seem similar, but it is not so when you look at it closely. This blog will compare the differences between LSAT and AILET syllabi. In the end, the author will conclude that the LSAT syllabus is more extensive than AILET’s.


The Law School Admission Test (LSAT) is an aptitude test LSAC uses to test your logic, reading comprehension, writing, and verbal skills. You need not refer to any specific course or book. The LSAT is only a standardized test, and there are no topics in it covered in any of the previous years.

The exam covers critical reasoning, Logic games, Logical reasoning, and reading comprehension. LSAT exam consists of 4 sections to which 35 minutes are allotted for each section, and all 4 sections have a total of approximately 92 questions.


The AILET (All India Entrance Test for Legal Studies) is an entrance exam followed by all the law colleges in India. It is held at different places across the country, and there are only 5 exams in succession. The exam comprises 3 sections, namely, English, General Knowledge, and Legal Reasoning, and these have a total of 150 questions each. The syllabus that has been applied to carry out the AILET exam varies from state to state and sometimes year to year. Moreover, it consists of geography, science, social sciences, and humanities.


LSAT has the following critical differences from the AILET exam:

1. LSAT is only a standardized test

2. It consists of 4 sections, and each section of the LSAT has a maximum of 35 minutes and 92 questions in each section.

3. There are no topics covered in any previous years, but every year, there is a new topic to be discussed for the test. However, for the first 12 years after the introduction of the LSAT in 1975, there was no new topic. So it became unnoticeable like other standardized tests such as GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) or GRE (Graduate Record Examinations).

4. LSAT is a test of logical skills only, and there are no written tests anywhere in the syllabus.

5. No LSAT section is based on any previous year’s topic that has already been covered in some other exam.


There are many questions in AILET that test your general knowledge and logical reasoning abilities but with a comparatively limited number of questions. On the other hand, all four sections of the LSAT have a maximum number of 92 questions each, more than AILET’s 150 questions each. It can be said that the syllabus of LSAT is more extensive than AILET’s as there is no topic in any previous year of LSAT that has been covered in AILET 2022.

Therefore, the AILET is a standardized test of general knowledge and logical reasoning ability. At the same time, the LSAT consists of all four sections, which tests your logical reasoning, reading comprehension, writing, and verbal skills. Moreover, even though there is hardly any change in the topics covered each year by LSAT, there are so many questions to ensure that you have tested all possible areas as per your ability.


It can be concluded that LSAT is more extensive than AILET as it contains more topics than AILET, and there is more time allotted to each question in LSAT. Moreover, the questions in LSAT are much more challenging, and you need to be well-prepared for the test. However, both tests are essential as both exams open the doors to various reputed law schools in India.