What is the premature climax? Causes, symptoms, and treatment

Probably second the most common male sexual problem is premature climax or premature ejaculation (the first is erectile dysfunction). It is estimated that 30% of men are affected, but the figure could be higher. Having an orgasm before or within a minute of beginning intercourse is considered premature ejaculation.

Many men can occasionally have premature ejaculation without worrying about it. It only becomes a problem when it occurs in most sexual relationships. It is important to go to a urologist to treat this type of dysfunction since it could negatively affect men on a psychological level, altering their emotional stability and their relationship with their partner, if they have one.

In order to publicize this frequent sexual problem, dismantle false myths and prevent it from becoming a taboo subject, we are going to analyze its possible causes, its treatment, and its prevention.

Types of premature ejaculation

Broadly speaking, premature ejaculation is usually divided into primary and secondary.

Primary premature ejaculation is the one that occurs from the first sexual intercourse. It is therefore more common in adolescence. The main cause of this type of premature ejaculation is the inappropriate practice of masturbation in order to reach climax as quickly as possible.

Secondary premature ejaculation occurs when men who have had control of their ejaculation for a period of time lose that control. There are various degrees of secondary premature ejaculation, which are determined primarily by the length of the condition over time.

Causes of premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation can be caused by both psychological and organic factors. Both types of causes frequently interact with and strengthen one another. Most men have rapid ejaculations during their first sexual encounters and typically learn to control their ejaculations as their sexual intercourse experience grows.

Anxiety, guilt, difficult learning, and the fear of not being a good lover are among the most common psychological causes. All of these negative feelings are exacerbated by successive failures, resulting in increased anxiety and frustration.

The most common organic causes of premature ejaculation are neurological or thyroid diseases, chronic prostatitis, or drug use.

Symptoms of premature ejaculation

Raul Fernandez-Crespo MD says that the main symptom of premature ejaculation is that the man feels that he is unable to control the expulsion of semen as soon as penetration occurs or even before penetration occurs. This can happen every time he has sex or just a few times.

In most cases, this situation usually leads to a picture of anxiety generated by this inability to control ejaculation, which generates emotional stress in men, even avoiding having sexual relations. These feelings are usually caused by the guilt and shame that men often feel for suffering from this sexual problem.

In some cases, the man thinks that it is premature ejaculation without being it and this prevents him from having pleasant sexual relations, for this reason, it is crucial to go to the specialist.

Treatment for premature ejaculation

Depending on the severity of premature ejaculation, its cause, and how it psychologically affects the man who suffers from it, different types of treatments will be used.

In the first place, the treatments are usually based on helping the man to identify the sensations prior to orgasm so that he is able to channel his sexual arousal and learn to control ejaculation through different techniques. Breath control is also commonly used to help reduce anxiety.

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Note that Super Kamagra is not an aphrodisiac and sexual stimulation is needed. Also, note that the couple’s cooperation is required to overcome the problem of premature ejaculation fast.

Recommendations to avoid premature ejaculation

In most cases, the man can learn how to control ejaculation. Education and the practice of simple techniques are often successful. The continuous lack of control over ejaculation can cause sexual dissatisfaction on the part of one or both partners and can lead to sexual tension or other problems in the relationship, so we recommend a series of basic tips that can help:

  • Avoid high consumption of alcohol, tobacco or drugs.
  • Have healthy and pressure-free sex.
  • Have trust and good communication with your partner
  • Change your rhythm during sex.
  • Practice foreplay before intercourse without rushing.
  • Exercise regularly, eat a balanced diet and avoid tobacco and alcohol consumption.