What Makes You An Ideal Invisalign Candidate?

Invisalign aligners are a better choice than traditional orthodontic treatment options. You can choose Midtown Invisalign treatment if you want to straighten crooked teeth. Invisalign treatments have several benefits, such as comfort, because they fit the teeth perfectly without poking you. You should maintain good oral health practices if you want the treatment results to last long. Here are a few methods your doctor can use to evaluate your candidacy for Invisalign treatments.

You Prefer Discreteness

Orthodontic treatments are visible, thus exposing you to the public about your undergoing treatment. However, Invisalign aligners are almost invisible because they are made of thin and clear plastics. Therefore, it may be hard to notice you have them on except for a well-trained eye. You can go around smiling, talking, and chewing freely without attracting attention to your teeth straightening procedures.

You are Mature Enough

Typically, teenagers and adults are more appropriate for Invisalign treatments because they can handle it. Younger persons, on the other hand, may not be old enough for this treatment because they are still changing their teeth. Therefore, trying adjustments before permanent teeth growth may lead to futile results. You can get Invisalign treatment as long as you want because teeth straightening reduces the need for restorative treatment in older people.

You Have a Good Oral Health

Invisalign aligners may not be right for you if you have present dental issues. Gaps in your teeth, like cavities, may need treatment before your doctor can schedule an Invisalign treatment. Also, you may not be right for this treatment if you have dental bridges and implants because they prevent Invisalign from securing fitness. Your doctor may, however, recommend Invisalign treatment before you can go for missing teeth treatment.

You Require Mild Dental Corrections

Invisalign aligners are for treating mildly complex dental issues, mostly dealing with the position and alignment of your tooth. The cases that Invisalign aligners can treat may include crooked, crowded, overlapping, and gap teeth. The treatment may also treat mild bite concerns such as cross bites, underbites, open bites, and overbites. Major dental concerns may need work on the jaws, requiring more complex treatments.

You Practice an Active Lifestyle

Invisalign aligners require fewer dental trips to your dentist, therefore may be appropriate if you are always busy and have a demanding schedule. You may get used to the aligners till you find it comfortable to speak while still wearing them. However, smoking and alcohol consumption practices may not work well with your treatment. The habits stain your aligners, making them lose visibility.

You Have Not Undergone Extensive Dental Works Before

You may have undergone dental implant treatment before, more than once. Your doctor fixes dental implants into the jawbones so they will not move like natural teeth. Bridges also are unmovable, even with Invisalign.

You can benefit from Invisalign aligners at 286 Madison Dental if you want to take care of your teeth. All patients have different needs, therefore will customize your treatment according to your unique needs. Seek an evaluation today if you want to benefit from an Invisalign aligner treatment. Call the facility today if you want to book your appointment.