What non-league football is really like!

T’S an awful, wet Wednesday night with all the home countries live on the television. The sort of night us groundhoppers couldn’t possibly pass up on! Another amazing football story

Furthermore, those of us off to Welling rather than Wembley got considerably more incentive for cash. 

This was a festival of the Wings’ first home game in Non-League’s first-class for a very long time, and it was a commendable return! 

After a straight forward outing to discover Park View Road, stopping end up being somewhat of an issue. Showing up 40 minutes before kick-off, it took ten minutes to discover a space on a side street. It went out to just be a short ways from the gates and stopping was free, so there aren’t an excessive number of protests. 


It cost £15 to get in, with understudies getting in for a fiver less while concessions get in for £9. 

Subsequent to getting a program, significantly better from last season, for £2.50, I moved into the clubhouse. I had a fast flick through the thick program, which was loaded with data. Welling should have perhaps the littlest financial plan in the class, so to create a program of that quality isn’t to be sniffed at ทีเด็ดบอลวันนี้

It was 15 minutes before I was served at the bar, in spite of the fact that this wasn’t helped by the barman transforming one of the barrels. No known juice on tap, despite the fact that the one they had was exceptionally delicious, and at £3.50, it’s about bar costs. Not London bars, obviously! 

Leaving the bar with ten minutes until the game got in progress would be sufficient opportunity to get a cheeseburger I trusted. Not to be however, as I missed the initial couple of moments – and the bun appeared to be as yet frozen. 

On first review, the rural ground doesn’t look really awful. Essential? Truly, however it’s your actual, conventional Non-League home. The two closures behind the objective were revealed, however a splashing didn’t hose the climate. 

An engaging first half observed Cambridge start to lead the pack in the 33rd moment as Ryan Donaldson’s shot took an avoidance, ricocheted off the crossbar striking the abandoned manager and into the net. 

The lead didn’t keep going long however, as only four minutes after the fact, an inswinging corner was met by Ross Lafayette who covered his header into the corner. It was the home side that went into the break in the number one spot after an extraordinary control, divert and shot from Lee Clarke left the huge away help quickly quiet. 

Half-time saw me searching for some sanctuary and some tea. A cuppa cost a quid, and a few chips wouldn’t have gone out of order either, however they were mysteriously gone. 

Cambridge put the focus on after the break and were compensated in the 68th moment after substitute Nathan Arnold struck. The amazing Fraser Franks hit the post for Welling in their nearest endeavor in the subsequent half, yet the draw was a reasonable outcome. 

The finish of the game saw me rush back in to the dry solace of the vehicle to think about the experience of Park View Road. It was an engaging night, and you absolutely observed more energy than you do from the current worldwide stars