What Should I Do If I Want a Divorce but My Husband Doesn’t?

A number of cases begin with the words ‘I want a divorce but my husband doesn’t’. And the point is that most of them are successfully finalized for both spouses sooner or later. If you get in a similar situation, your task is to search for the best possible solutions instead of panicking and giving up on your idea.

Check out the useful steps in case you are the only one in your couple wishing for a divorce and cover them to get the preferred aftermath.  

Why Your Spouse Prefers Marriage

The first thing for you to understand is if your husband refuses to sign divorce papers, then he may have serious grounds for it. Once you can get the reason your spouse is reluctant to finalize a marriage, you may grab a chance to change the situation for the better. 

Here are the top common reasons why your partner may refuse from getting divorced:

  • your spouse may think that it is in the best interests of your kids for you to stay married;
  • your spouse may prefer staying married for financial stability;
  • your spouse may be still in love or have emotional connections to your relationships and your mutual past.

The reasons may differ depending on your situation and your partner. But as soon as you manage to understand their motifs, it will be easier for you to move on with your divorce process. 

How to Initiate the Process

Even if only one of you is ready to terminate the marriage, it doesn’t mean you have to postpone the divorce. In contrast, you need to initiate the process to reach your happiness. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to know how to file for divorce in Allegheny county since amicable marriage termination is not for your case. There should be agreement on major divorce issues for a friendly divorce. But with your spouse does not want a divorce at all, you can only file for a fault-based process. 

To start the fault marriage termination you have to define the official ground for your divorce. In Pennsylvania, you can get a divorce in case of adultery, cruel treatment, desertion, bigamy, more than two years of imprisonment, and indignities. Plus, you have to provide strong evidence for the grounds you choose. Then you can collect the necessary docs and file for divorce. 

How to Get Marriage to the End by Default

You don’t have to live your life with the slogan ‘my husband hates me but won’t leave’ written across your face but gather all your efforts and move the case forward and finalize your marriage. In PA state, after filing you will have to cover the waiting period before you can quit the unsuccessful marriage. Luckily you can do it even if your spouse doesn’t approve of your initiative.

After filing for divorce, your partner will be served with the divorce papers. Even if they refuse to sign them and participate in the process, you can go on and bring your marriage to the end. Your divorce procedures will be moved forward and finalized by default without your spouse in it if they don’t respond in the given time. 

If you have another trouble added, a reluctant-to-divorce spouse who you cannot locate, you can still get your marriage terminated. You will need to put in all efforts to locate your spouse. If you are unsuccessful and can prove it to the court, the judge will grant you divorce by default. 

How to Simplify the Process

If you want to avoid all the turbulence, you should better decide on how to leave a marriage peacefully. You can try to discuss the issue openly with your partner and come to an agreement on your own. It will be more useful for you to visit a family counselor so that a professional can help you to resolve the trouble more simpler. 

You may also decide to postpone your divorce process so that your partner has enough time and opportunities to digest your situation and change their mind. Anyway, your task is to persuade your spouse that an amicable divorce is your best option for mutual benefits. 


The reluctance of your spouse is not a sentence for your desire to get a divorce. You need to study your situation closely, check out the possibilities of getting a peaceful divorce and go on with the marriage termination despite your partner not being ready for it. Mind, that professional consultation, and assistance may help you simplify the process in general.