What Should You Do With a Broken Window Pane

How do you know if you have a broken window pane? One way is if you’ve noticed that more and more heat is escaping your home, or if you’ve seen snowflakes on your windowsill.

You shouldn’t only worry about how to fix broken window panes. If they are large enough, they can leave a serious opening through which burglars and storms can come through, which is incredibly dangerous.

What can you do to prevent that from happening to you? We have all the info you need.

Clean and Remove the Window

When it comes to a broken window pane, the most important part is to clean and remove the window. This can be done safely and easily with a few simple steps. First, wear safety glasses and gloves to protect yourself from any glass shards.

Next, using a putty knife and vacuum cleaner, carefully remove any large remaining pieces of glass from the frame. Finally, use a cotton rag or paper towels to wipe away dust and debris.

If the frame is still in good condition, you may be able to install a new glass pane in the same frame. If the frame is badly damaged, you may need to replace it and then add a new piece of glass.

Measure Your Window

Measuring your window for a broken window pane is an important step for replacing a broken window pane. To measure your window accurately, you will first need to determine the number of panes in the broken window and then measure their width, length, and depth.

You should also take into consideration the gap between adjacent panes and the height from the floor. By taking the measurements of the entire window, you can then determine what size the replacement window should be. 

Replace the Broken Glass

If a window pane is broken, the best course of action is to replace the broken glass. Once the glass arrives, you can install it using a silicone sealant or glazing points, making sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also important to wear gloves and safety goggles when handling and cutting the glass.

Forced entry caused by a broken window pane can be a safety hazard. To prevent this, be sure to replace the broken glass as quickly as possible. However, if you want the best window repair, contact a window repair services.

Gently Put Back the Window After the Repair

Once you’ve repaired the broken window pane, you will want to be extremely careful when it comes to gently putting the window back in place. Begin by putting down a thick piece of padding over the area the window will be going into to avoid any damage to the frame. 

Make sure to use an even amount of pressure when setting the window back in place to ensure that it fits snugly. Window replacement should be handled with care. Proper installation and sealing at this stage will go a long way in preventing further window damage down the road.

Repairing a Broken Window Pane

In conclusion, the replacement of a broken window pane can be quite expensive. However, it can be managed by taking the correct precautions and steps. We recommend that you contact your local window experts who can advise you on the best way to repair or upgrade the window.

Homeowner repairs can be challenging. Don’t wait – contact the experts now and attend to any broken window panes right away!

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