What to Consider When Choosing the Right Drinkware for Your Promotion

Due to their distinctive features, drinkware products like tumblers are among the best promotional material. For example, they are used daily, making them the best giveaway because the target will see your brand image often.In addition, they are easily customizable to create custom tumblers with your brand’s logo and color. The tumblers also have broad appeal to people of different demography and background. However, choosing the right drinkware for the end customers to enjoy using and see your brand would be best. 


To begin with, you will consider the material as it determines safety, durability, ease of maintenance, and weight. The material you choose should be stainless and BPA-free to make it food-safe and corrosive-proof material to protect it from corrosion when holding beverages. It should also be durable and resistant to scratches which can ruin its aesthetic appeal or cracks. In addition, it should be easy to clean, such as stainless steel or Tritan. And since the target may want to move with it, the material should make the drinkware lightweight. 

Target audience

It’d be best also to consider the target for your drinkware promotional giveaways. This factor is essential because a camper needs drinkware different from a jogger’s size and make. You should be practical to the target audience to enable frequent use that promotes your brand. In most cases, the tumblers for a particular group, like bikers, will have additional features like a straw for convenience. Others have unique features like being collapsible for easy packing. 

Insulation properties

Insulation properties are another essential factor, especially for a tumbler used for cold or hot beverages. Select drink ware with vacuum insulation or double-walled to keep the content warm or cold. If unsure, contact the manufacturer to confirm it before shipping them for printing. 

Size and volume

These factors are essential for the customers and you as a brand owner. It would help if you consideredlarge enough drinkware to serve the customer well. The volume will also ensure that your target puts more beverages translating to using the drinkware longer hence exposure. The size should be large to allow you to put your logo. 


Consider the price when choosing promotional drinkware like custom tumblers. This factor will depend on your marketing budget and expected RIO. Nevertheless, it’d be best to make it financially viable by choosing reasonably priced tumblers or the drinkware you use. But while at it, remember that higher-end drinkware will appeal more to your target and encourage frequent use. The best way to choose the right drinkware is to check the features and price and then confirm with other manufacturers before selecting the best one. 

Drinkware is among the best promotional giveaways because your customers will use the items often and carry them around. As a result, they will act as your brand ambassadors. However, you need practical, right-sized, and functional drinkware such as tumblers for the customers to use. Make a point of using the information you have read here and carefully choose the right drinkware for your brand promotion.