What To Do With Unrepairable Appliances: 5 Tips

The average modern household owns around 10-17 electronic home appliances. These machines make life easier. So, when any of these appliances break down, it can certainly disrupt your daily routine.

In most cases, a quick call to an appliance technician can get the broken appliance fixed. But some appliances might require more expensive repair which makes it unwise. When deciding whether to repair or replace a home appliance, you have to consider the extent of damage and the unit’s age. Like any other machines, home appliances have their maximum serviceable years. Although some tend to live longer than their estimated lifespan, nonetheless there will come a time when they become irreparable.

When the appliance has reached its final destiny, what do you do with it? How do you deal with these unrepairable, junk appliances?

Professional technicians at Hartman’s Jacksonville appliance repair emphasize that home appliances are not like your ordinary household rubbish. Broken appliances must be disposed of properly. For example, air-conditioners, freezers, and refrigerators contain coolants that are considered environmental hazards.

Let’s take a look at five ways to get rid of these broken appliances in your home.

Contact the manufacturer or retailer

Check with the appliance’s manufacturer if they offer special programs for the disposal of unused or broken appliances. Often, they have designated drop-off and collection centers where you can deposit unrepairable appliances. Some brands even accept old appliances from other manufacturers. The US Environmental Protection Agency lists some manufacturers and retailers that recycle used electronics. Major television brands such as TCL, Sony, Samsung, Vizio, and LG offer recycling options for your old TVs.

If you are purchasing a replacement unit, ask the retailer if they have promotions for disposing of broken appliances. Some retailers offer trade-in promos wherein they won’t accept the old appliance unless you purchase a replacement unit from them. Others offer discounts if you donate these unrepairable machines to them.

Sell them

Contrary to what you might think, broken appliances can still be sold for cash. It can be someone else’s treasure. Some people might still be interested not with the unit but in its spare parts. For example, some repair technicians are stripping old appliances for salvageable electronics components. These parts can be sold at a much higher price.

You can post items in local listings, such as Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. It might take some time to find buyers but it’s still better than just throwing it away. You can also ask a local appliance repair company if they are interested in your broker appliance.

Give away broken appliances

If you can’t find any buyers, you can give away old, unrepairable appliances. But who will take them? Local charities often accept old but still working appliances.

Typically, theater groups, history clubs, and art organizations are willing to accept old, broken appliances. What seems like trash to you can be a priceless prop for the theater company, a missing piece in a historical exhibit, or an item to repurpose for an art enthusiast. Some eco-friendly individuals might also want to recycle it. You can find some online communities that collect unrepairable appliances.

Contact your town or city

Check with your town or city if they have residential electronics disposal and recycling programs. Some cities offer either free or paid pick-up for your home appliances. Meanwhile, other local governments have designated drop-off points where you can deposit these unrepairable appliances. Other cities hire commercial junk haulers for scheduled pickups for large rubbish. Talk with your local authorities to know more about their programs.

Hire a commercial rubbish removal services

If old, broken appliances have already piled up at home and you can’t dispose of them using the above tips, then it’s time to call a commercial junk hauler. There are plenty of rubbish removal companies that you can use to dispose of any items. Although this option might cost you a few hundred dollars, it’s the easiest and fastest way to get rid of your home electronics devices and free up some space in your home.

These professionals are trained and experienced in the handling, transport, and disposal of different types of rubbish, including electronics components. If possible, look for a company that ensures responsible rubbish handling, especially recycling, to help cut carbon emissions and the volume of waste in landfills.


Home appliances are ubiquitous and valuable machines that make our lives easy. But while they are important, they can be a major risk to our environment once they become useless. Responsible disposal of unrepairable appliances is vital to minimize their environmental impact. The tips discussed above can help ensure that you get rid of your appliances without hurting nature.