What to Know Before Moving to Cincinnati,OH

Moving to a large city can feel like a huge commitment, but when you move to a place like, Cincinnati, OH, you can rest assured you are making the right decision. This city features over 300,000 residents and growing, so if you are looking for a large city with a lot to offer, Cincinnati, OH is the place to be. Here are just a few things to know before you pack up that moving van.

Diversity at its Finest

One of the worst things about moving to a new location is now knowing if you will be accepted as a resident. Some areas of the country are weary of outsiders, but not in Cincinnati, OH. This city has adapted to overwhelming diversity and those living here tend to embrace others coming in with open arms. Diversity can be seen in every aspect of life and every culture is represented. Another thing to note is the various neighborhoods have embraced diversity as well and tend to have their own vibe. Explore each neighborhood before committing to one, so you can find where you want to be in Cincinnati, OH.

Hope You Like Coffee

Cincinnati, OH is a coffee loving city. Although it is not on the same level as cities like Seattle, the people of Cincinnati love their coffee and are not afraid to show it. In fact Cincinnati is home to over 40 different independently owned coffee houses and shops to enjoy. Each one has their own specialty blend, so do not be afraid to take the plunge and explore them all. You will soon find a few of your favorites and become a regular to them.

Weather Concerns

Once you have established yourself in Cincinnati, OH, you will want to invest in a variety of different seasonal clothing. Some areas of the country have 4 distinct seasons and Cincinnati, OH certainly does too, but one aspect of this city that is rather unique is the fact that you have the chance of experiencing all 4 seasons in one day. Unfortunately, you will have to keep a close eye on the weather in this part of the country, storms can pop up quickly and without much warning, so keep rain gear in your vehicle at all times, and place a light jacket for those days where temps drop suddenly.

Keep Your Personal Vehicle

Reliance on public transportation is thankfully increasing in larger cities. In some areas, you can live easily without having a personal vehicle, but Cincinnati, OH has yet to get the memo. There is a streetcar system located in the downtown area, so if you live there, you can certainly go without a vehicle and there is a metro system. Both of these options could be more reliable, so it is best to maintain your own personal vehicle to ensure you can get where you need to be when you want to be there. Cincinnati, OH is working to improve transit, so be patient, and you may be able to ditch your vehicle for public transportation soon.

Storage Units Are Essential

When moving into Cincinnati, OH, you might have to rent an apartment before committing to the purchase of a home. This is not generally a problem, but if you happen to be moving from a larger home, space and storage areas might become an issue. To counter the lack of space in apartments in Cincinnati, OH, many residents pay a small monthly fee for their own secure storage unit. Storage units in Cincinnati, OH help free up necessary space and offer a great place to store valuables, seasonal items, and more. If you find that space is tight, clear a little of the clutter with a secure storage unit of your own. They can help your life and your move be more efficient and less crowded.


Unfortunately, political tensions are high in this country at the moment. Cincinnati, OH is one of the rare cities that seem to be divided down the middle in regard to politics. No matter your political view, you will find plenty of people to share it, but for those that are very involved in politics, it can be difficult to accept everyone’s views. However, in Cincinnati, OH, people are allowed to express themselves more freely and all are accepted here.

Stunning Architecture

You may not get everyone in Cincinnati, OH to agree on a political party, but everyone can agree that the architecture in the city is remarkable. Walking around Cincinnati, you will see stunning cathedrals featuring gothic architecture and it can give you a true appreciation for architecture throughout the ages of Cincinnati. Eden Park, Krohn Conservatory, and Over the Rhine Music Hall are just a few of the places you can view and appreciate the city’s stunning architectural marvels.

Lots of Green Space

The city of Cincinnati may still be trying to figure out adequate public transit, but one thing they have not forgotten how to do is preserve green space within the city. Public dog parks, children’s play areas, and hiking trails are found throughout the city. New residents are often surprised at the amount of green space within Cincinnati, OH, but those living here love to get outdoors and enjoy nature when the weather is fit to do so.

Lower Cost of Living

Living in a large city often means paying above average prices for everything from rent to milk, but in Cincinnati, OH, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that cost of living is 21” lower than the national average. You get to keep more of your hard earned money in this city and with a growing and competitive job market in Cincinnati, OH, you will come to love the level of life you can achieve here.

Cincinnati, OH is a beautiful place to live full of opportunities for everyone. Whether you intend on moving for family or personal reasons, to advance your career, or just to change up the scenery, you are going to love living in Cincinnati, OH. n