When Can Workers Compensation Stop or Suspend Your Payments Without Notice?

You may think that you can keep receiving those Workers’ Compensation payments indefinitely. If you’re not careful, though, you might be surprised to find out the payments stop and start without warning.

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Here’s what you need to know:

  • Your Workers’ Compensation benefits can stop and restart without notice if your injury is not considered a “serious injury.” 
  • Your Workers’ Compensation benefits can also end if your medical service provider either denies the claim or doesn’t file a return for several months. 
  • If your Workers’ Compensation benefits are suspended, you can request a hearing with the Industrial Board of Appeals to determine if the suspension was legal. 
  • If your Workers’ Compensation benefits are terminated, you have the right to appeal to the Industrial Board of Appeals. The board’s decision may be appealed to the California Supreme Court.
  • You may also want to contact an attorney if your Workers’ Compensation benefits are unjustly suspended or terminated. If the suspension or termination was not based on a benefit limitation, you have a right to have the restriction lifted.
  • You may want to be very careful about giving out your phone number so that the Workers’ Compensation carrier can call you for a status check.
  • If you can’t get any word from your Workers’ Compensation carrier, call the Workers’ Compensation office in person and ask for an update.
  • Don’t assume that your benefits will start as soon as you’re ready to go back to work. Your doctor likely won’t release you from work immediately either. The doctor might ask for extra time or even prescribe light-duty work before returning you to your regular job.
  • Ensure to keep your doctor informed about your progress so that they can continue to provide you with treatment and follow-up recommendations. The doctor might also ask for a report from the Workers’ Compensation carrier. The doctor may need to report on an annual basis if the workers’ compensation carrier wants to keep your benefits active.

There are multiple reasons why your worker’s compensation benefits can stop without notice. You must keep on top of your claim by following up on deadlines, contacting medical providers, and understanding how to get in touch with your attorney or legal representative.