When to See an Orthopedic Doctor for Back Pain

You might think that back problems are a normal part of aging. And while back pain does affect a large percentage of the population (40% of Americans), it doesn’t mean you should grin and bear it. 

Perhaps it’s time to visit an orthopedic surgeon specializing in diagnosing and treating back issues.

Does your back condition warrant a visit to a doctor for back pain? Here’s our guide on some of the red flags that could be signs that you need to book a doctor’s appointment soon. 

Tingling in Arms or Legs

Experiencing a tingling sensation or noticeable weakness in your arms, legs, fingers, or toes is a sign of a potential nerve problem.

Damage to your spine can affect the nerves running from all parts of your body to your brain. These nerve endings (like your fingertips) are often the first to experience the problem.

If you’ve noticed unusual sensations, book an appointment with a back pain doctor as soon as possible to get your body checked.

Depending on your condition, you might need some treatment or surgery on your back, such as foraminal stenosis surgery

Pain After Injury

Suppose you recently injured yourself, and there’s soft tissue damage. In that case, you should start to see an improvement in pain levels within 48 hours of the injury.

If that’s not the case and the pain isn’t getting better, it’s time to see an Orthopedic Urgent Care doctor. It might indicate that something in your back is damaged, and the sooner you address it, the better.

Ignoring back problems after an injury can make a small problem significantly worse. 

If you experience severe back pain after an injury, don’t wait 48 hours to see if it improves. Severe pain is a sign that you should get your back checked straight away for damage, so treat this as an emergency. 

Chronic or Long Term Pain

It’s easy to get used to constant back pain, but chronic pain is your body’s way of signaling that something is wrong. If you have had pain for at least three months without improvement, it’s time to see your doctor.

Your doctor can run a formal assessment to ensure there is no severe damage before determining the proper treatment for back pain.

Even if the problem doesn’t require surgery, they may be able to recommend some non-invasive therapy to help improve the condition and ease the pain such as to buy breg polar care kodiak, these tools provide top quality therapy for your chronic pain problems.

You’ve Had to Change Your Daily Routine

If your back issue reaches the point where it interferes with your everyday life, it’s time to speak to a professional.

Examples include changes to your sleep cycles, difficulties walking familiar routes, or avoiding strenuous activity. Don’t sidestep a health issue by changing your routine, as you could worsen the situation.

Instead, get it checked out as soon as possible to identify the underlying cause. 

Get Help from a Doctor for Back Pain

Don’t allow chronic or painful back issues to get in the way of enjoying life. If pain is causing you problems, book an appointment with a doctor for back pain and get a formal diagnosis and treatment plan.  

Stretching exercises can help mild back pain, so it’s also worth looking through the latest fitness articles in our health section.