Where is the first statue of the Bitcoin creator?

The cryptocurrency community unveiled what they claim to be the first ever statue of the mystery-hugged bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto in the Park located in Budapest, Hungary.

The slender, shiny bust is intended to portray “a general human figure, since we do not know the gender, race, age [or] height of the mysterious developer,” the people who created the statue posted on a site that was created to celebrate the official unveiling of the statue.

The construction of the memorial to the legend of digital currency was overseen by Andras Gyofi, who is the editor of the Hungarian cryptocurrency news site and other important participants of the Central European nation’s digital currency space. You must know about Bitcoin circuit to understand these principles.

The statue is the hoodie-clad face made from bronze. However, the face is a unique bronze-aluminum blend so that “every visitor can see their own face when looking at Satoshi,” the organizers of the project stated in their announcement. The artwork was the result of two Hungarian artists, Gergely Reka and Tamas Gilly who decided to design the face reflect to convey the idea of “We are all Satoshi.”

A worldwide debate has been raging over the years about who the person or people behind the famous pseudonym is. There are many who claim that they are Satoshi Nakamoto as well as several others being called by investigative journalists — the author who actually wrote the whitepaper that introduced Bitcoin in 2008 hasn’t been identified.

The meteoric rise of Bitcoin in the last 10 years or more — one bitcoin that was worth around $600 five years ago is valued at more than $47,000– Satoshi Nakamoto may have become a billionaire since cryptocurrency gained more acceptance. This month El Salvador became the first country worldwide to accept Bitcoin as a legal form of currency.

The mythical character of Nakamoto’s Bitcoin creator does contribute to his cult position among crypto evangelists. Gyorfi who was the driving force behind the project and was the project’s leader, told The Associated Press that Nakamoto is the “god of our market” and around $10,000 worth of cryptocurrency donations were collected to construct the statue.

A large crowd gathered to watch the unveiling ceremony of the monument on Thursday Graphisoft Park, a business park in Budapest’s capital. The statue is open to the public for viewing at no cost.

The creators of the sculpture view Bitcoin in a way that is “much more” than just an instrument of exchange, and stated that they wanted to honor its “very important legacy” of the person who created it.

“The underlying technology, blockchain that Satoshi Nakamoto introduced to the world, can truly make our life better,” they published in their site. “Transparency, fairness, several other values in numerous fields, this is what blockchain truly means.”