Which Route Optimization App works Better? Routific vs Straightaway

Remember the days when you’d send drivers off with a long, written list of addresses for delivery? All they had for directions was a worn and torn paper map. 

Businesses that provide deliveries, consultations, or services right to their customer’s homes had it pretty hard before the support of route optimization apps. But don’t worry, now that you know that deliveries have upgraded to a whole digital world of courier support services, you have the cream of the crop of route optimization apps to choose from. 

Using a route optimization app is a guarantee that your deliveries will make it there on time, sparing you the expense and the stress of the old, confusing map protocol. Another thing that all drivers must use is a driver app that will help them not only keep a track of their earnings but will also help them manage their work more efficiently. Now that you’ve narrowed down your search to the most popular, without a doubt you will have to choose between Straightaway or Routific. Let’s compare to see which one works best for your particular business: 

Route Planner by Straightaways

Not many route planners can compete with this industry leader. The software is the number one choice for Amazon, FedEx, DHL, USPS, and on Trac. The way Straightaway has integrated their high-performance algorithm into an easy-to-use app is over-the-top impressive, especially since the app is so user-friendly, even the most directionally-challenged and tech-naive drivers can figure it out. This is how Straightaway stands out from the competition: 

Special Features

There’s no way your drivers will panic and get lost with Straightaway’s variety of features. Just looking at the clean display sets you at ease already:

Instantly Capture Stops: All you need to do is take a photo. This instantly adds a delivery stop into the Straightaway. The app instantly recalls the address and finds the most efficient route for you to take.

Optimizing Fastest Route: The Straightaway algorithm does the planning for you, and it saves you time. It will schedule up to 250 stops in the fastest order available. Users love it, and reported saving an average of one hour per shift compared to competing route delivery apps.

Live Traffic Updates: Traffic? No problem. Straightaway factors in unavoidable obstacles you may run into, such as heavy traffic or road blocks. Knowing your time is valuable, the app will be ready to reroute you to avoid slow traffic.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation: You probably don’t like switching back and forth between the app and those third party GPS setups. Straightway gets it. The turn-by-turn provides built-in navigation with detailed directions to every delivery spot. So you won’t get sidetracked. 


You can buy the Straightaway Free or Pro version. Here’s the difference in value: 

Pro: $7.99/month (annual subscription), or $9.99/monthly

• Includes up to 250 stops per delivery route

• Endless access to navigation 

• Unlimited camera address uploads

• Unlimited route options

Straightaway Free:

• Same features of the Pro version

• Limited to 25 stops per route


Simplicity: The interface is easy to use and pleasing to look at. A clean screen only tells you what you want to know right now. There’s no need to be overwhelmed by unnecessary settings and options. 

Pattern Recognition: Straightaway doesn’t just stick to the line on the road. It recognizes traffic patterns, distance between stops, street and weather conditions, and hundreds more circumstances relating to your route. The app automatically adjusts the routes in real time, which makes it easy to make a change and reorder stops, as traffic patterns vary at all times of the day.

Diversity: Anyone can use Straightaways. Professionals from every industry have discovered the app is great for multi-stop customer visits and deliveries. From food to home healthcare providers, everyone seems to want a route optimization that’s easy to work with and affordable. 

Route Planner by Routific

Trusty Routific has been around for longer than a decade. The company claims it can maximize fleet capacity by increasing route stops by 40 percent. Here’s what Routific offers: 

Special Features 

Address Import System: Routific uploads customer addresses four different ways: They can import them your spreadsheets, manually add them (old-school style), save customer profiles onto their app directly, or move over customers from shopify. 

Automated Customer Service: Drivers may send text messages to customers when a delivery is on it’s way and again, once it’s been completed. If the driver is running late, customers will receive a text that their delivery will be delayed. 

Single Driver Route Optimization: Routific can generate an optimized route for users in a matter of minutes. Routific’s algorithm focuses on the driver increasing stops per route. Existing drivers will have to work longer shifts to accommodate more deliveries, but businesses will save money by employing less drivers.


There are no free versions of Routific, but you can see if you like it with a seven-day trial, Here is the pricing for the Essential and Professional versions:

Essential: $39.00 per month

• Dispatched routes for individual drivers

• Four convenient import options for addresses 

• Route Optimization in minutes

Professional: $59.00 per month

• Includes Essential version features

• Photo and signature capturing for proof of delivery

• Driver Tracking

• Customer notification (extra $19.00 per month)

Routific knows how to get the most out of their drivers. Their convenient address upload features and route optimization for individual drivers benefit companies who want their drivers to stay organized. Here’s a few more bonus features Routific offers:


Driver Tracking and Dispatch: Companies can trace the location of their drivers with a live GPS tracking system. They can also add dispatch routes to the driver’s app by sending a quick text. 

End-of-Day Analytics: Companies can see how they are doing by looking at driver delivery rates. Routific provides businesses with end-of-day reports for business analysis.

We have a winner! 

While Routific has some interesting features, Straightaway takes the lead in innovative tactics for route optimization. It’s faster, more efficient, and more affordable for all your courier needs.