Who Is The Right Candidate For Bariatric Surgery?

Have you been trying to lose weight but have not seen any results? Perhaps your weight is giving you additional health problems. In these and other situations, bariatric surgery may be a viable alternative for achieving weight loss objectives. Bariatric surgery is a treatment that can reduce the size of your stomach or alter the way it functions. You feel satisfied faster when eating; hence, eat less, resulting in you shedding pounds in the long run. Unfortunately, bariatric surgery could be quite beneficial; it is not for everybody. If you are contemplating bariatric surgery, bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Sutker in McKinney will help you determine if you are a good fit for the procedure. Continue reading to learn more.

What Is The Right Age To Consider Bariatric Surgery?

Some years back, bariatric surgery was not as popular as it is now. Only young and middle-aged adults used to be eligible for the procedure since it was considered risky for teens and persons above 60 years.

Today, there are not as many age restrictions on who can receive bariatric surgery. Teenagers who meet specific conditions are eligible for these procedures. Bariatric surgery is also safer for older people than it was previously.

Nonetheless, persons who are very young or considerably older than 60 years may want to explore other choices. Dr. Sutker, for instance, may choose to wait until children are 11 or 12 years old before considering the operation as the effects of the procedure could change as the kid develops.

What About Your Weight?

Whereas age is a single factor, doctors also check your weight before proceeding with bariatric surgery. Some of the ‘weight’ criteria you must meet include:

·         You have been exercising and dieting but unsuccessfully losing weight

·         You are at least 100 pounds or over your recommended weight for your height (BMI of over 40)

·         You suffer from weight-related medical problems such as heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, or Type 2 diabetes

What Are The Preoperative Requirements For Bariatric Surgery?

Dr. Sutker typically wants you to fulfill particular criteria before bariatric surgery becomes a therapeutic choice because, like most surgeries, the procedure bears inherent hazards. It is also critical that you commit to a new way of life following the surgery because your surgery alters what and how much you consume. These adjustments could take some time, and you will want to prepare.

Before you consider surgery, your physician may want you to have a thorough examination. With this examination, your doctor will assess your health and lifestyle to see if you are a fine fit for the procedure. During your screenings, your clinician may look for the following things:

·         Your medical state, including any health difficulties you are experiencing or have experienced

·         How committed are you to stick to your new fitness and diet routine?

·         Your past and current exercise and eating habits

·         If you have ever experienced an eating disorder, such as binge eating

·         What is your emotional and mental state?

After considering these criteria., Dr. Sutker and his staff will determine if you are set for bariatric surgery. Your doctor may provide you with some instructions and limitations to help you ready for the procedure, including: 

·         Cease smoking

·         Speaking with a counselor who can assist you in preparing for the changes in your body and lifestyle

·         Restricting particular drinks and foods

·         Losing a few pounds to make the surgery gentler on your body

Are you close to meeting the criteria for bariatric surgery? If so, reach out to bariatric and general surgeon Dr. Michael Sutker at his private practice in McKinney and Dallas, TX. Call the office near you or use the online scheduling tool to talk to Dr. Sutker today.

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