Why are lab-grown diamonds called engineered diamonds?

Have you ever thought about how man-made diamonds are made? As many of you must know these diamonds by the name lab-created diamonds, there are many other names for it too. Some of which are cultured diamonds and engineered diamonds. Knowing the background of the diamond that you are investing in should be a very vital part. The carat, the transparency, the shape, the exact color, the size, and most importantly, if you are going for lab created diamonds,you should know the process of its creation and why are they called engineered diamonds as it will add transparency to your big purchase.

Understanding the diamond:

To understand briefly, Lab-created diamonds are also called engineered diamonds because they are made in a highly controlled laboratory by using some advanced techniques and technological processes. These processes involve the usage of advanced equipment. Since lab diamonds are created precisely using technology and advanced techniques they are known as engineered diamonds or man-made diamonds. Even lab-made products are getting their popularity nowadays. You can normally see people wearing lab grown diamond necklace, rings, bracelets on normal occasions or public gathering.

The process to create a lab diamond, in a way, duplicates the conditions under which earth-mined diamonds are formed. Usually, the diamonds that are produced from the surface of the earth are under the ground for millions of years. To put it in simple words, the condition of creating a diamond is mimicked and the end result is a lab-created diamond. 

The lab created diamond is nothing less than a mined diamond since it possesses all the attributes and characteristics just as its counterpart. Just like a natural diamond is composed completely of carbon, a lab created diamond is also created with only one element that is the carbon. Since the conditions of the earth’s crust are mimicked, it results in the formation of a beautiful and real diamond that is the epitome of brilliance.

How is an engineered diamond made?

There are two methods through which a lab-created diamondor engineered diamond is made. They are HPHT and CVD. Particularly known as high-pressure high-temperature and chemical vapor deposition. 


A diamond seed is placed into the bars of carbon. Then a belt press is used to pressurize the carbon approximately around 1.5 million pounds per square inch. This process eventually melts the carbon resulting in a freshly made diamond. All the precautions are taken while performing this process. A white diamond takes about 2-3 weeks and a colored diamond takes around 3-4 weeks to get ready.


Like HPHT, here also you will need a diamond seed. It is then heated up to 1500 Fahrenheit. This breaks the molecular bond and then the carbon begins to stick to the seed which results in the formation of a brand new diamond. There are some additional treatments used to change the color of the diamond too. 

This was all about what an engineered diamond is and how it is produced. These diamonds are as real as earth-mined diamonds. They are certified too. To add, they are eco-friendly and go hand in hand with nature. A mined diamond goes through a lot of artificial procedures that eventually take out all the shine of the diamond. You don’t want that to happen. If you go through this thoroughly, you need not worry about picking a lab-created diamond as they are tried, tested, and verified. 

Benefits of investing in an engineered diamond

Lab-created diamonds are something that is environmentally friendly. Since mined diamonds are derived by excavating the surface, lab-grown diamonds do not need any such procedures and are created inside a laboratory without causing any harm to the ecosystem. These diamonds are ethically sourced and conflict-free and so investing in one can be a great way to give back to the environment.

Besides, when it comes to shopping for lab-created or engineered diamonds, you can customize your diamond completely. Since these diamonds are created inside a laboratory, they can be formed just as per your preference. You get the freedom to decide the carat weight, color, and shape of the diamond. And so, if you are looking for something personal and close to your heart then a lab-grown diamond is definitely a thing for you. So choose the diamond that brings out the best in you and that will make heads turn.

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