Why are metal stair spindles increasing in popularity?

For many years, oak has been the staple material for constructing stair parts including and other stair parts includingspindles, handrails, newel posts and caps. However, as housing stock is modernised, metal spindles are becoming a frequent feature.

So, what makes metal spindles so appealing? The experts at Stair Crazy are here to explain why.

What’s so special about metal spindles?

There are several reasonswhy people are choosing metal spindles, from their practicality to their visual appearance.

  1. They look incredible

Metal stair parts offer a premium feel that’s trendier and more upscale. You can choose between iron, chrome, and steel spindles, each offering a completely different look to your home.

Iron spindles give an elegance and timelessnesstomodern homes, and due to their boldness, they’re also incredibly eye-catching when compared to traditional wooden spindles.

They will also look the part if you’re going for an industrial look.

Chrome is super popular amongst those with contemporary aesthetics in new builds because of its chic shinyfinish.

If you want to combine metals and colour or deluxe finishes – consider steel spindles. Available in gold, black, and silver, steel spindles are a unique way to spruce up your hallway and draw the eye.

  • They’re super strong and durable

One of the most significant benefits of metal spindles is their durability and robustness to damage asmetal absorbs impacts without buckling, unlike glass and some woods, such as pine. This makes metal spindles well suitedfor use on the stairs where high foot traffic can result inscuffs, dents, and scratches.

  • Versatility

Metal spindles can be paired with oak newel posts and handrails to create a desirable rustic look. The contrast between the two materials offers a bold yet simplistic aesthetic.

  • Available in many styles

As metals can be moulded easily, an array of styles, shapes and designs are on offer.  

If sophistication is desired, look no further than elegant spiral spindles. Spirals or twists look stunning in both contemporary and classic homes, helping to soften the appearance of your hallway.

Quirkier designs include scrolled iron spindles that bring flair to any hallway – their decorative curves are hard to miss and make for the boldest style feature.

However, if you prefer a more minimalistic look, then square or round metal spindles are the perfect complement to the modern home. – Simple designs in premium quality steel and iron make your staircase look contemporary and super stylish.

With the extensive range of designs on the market and the longevity metal spindles offer, it’s no surprise they’re growing in popularity amongst those looking to spruce up their décor. If you’re eager to revamp or install a new staircase, we couldn’t recommend metal spindles highly enough.