Why do companies purchase storage racking systems for their warehouses?

When the warehouse racking system gradually matured, the major enterprise warehouses, logistics warehouses and other industries used the warehouse racking system to manage the warehouse. So what are the advantages of warehouse racking systems that make people pay so much attention to them? Here we look at several important significance of the warehouse racking system:

The advantages of warehouse racking systems.

1. Improve the utilization of storage space.

Inside the warehouse, in the case of the floor space has not changed, after the increase of the warehouse racking system, because the upper floor space is used up, which enhances the warehouse storage space utilization.

2. improved asset utilization and profitability.

The following show you a set of data, the introduction of the warehouse racking system before and after the warehouse storage capacity how much to improve

mezzanine rack: home appliances as the test object, the effective inventory area of the warehouse before the transformation are 4540 square meters, the warehouse utilization rate of 75%; after the transformation of the effective inventory area reached 7610 square meters, compared with the plane warehouse increased 3070 square meters of inventory area, an increase of 77.1%.

Beam racking: 7.5 barrels/m2 before racking, 13.4 barrels/m2 after racking, an increase of 78.7% in warehouse capacity.

Drive-in racks: about 12,000 pieces of tobacco could be placed without the use of drive-in racks, equivalent to 6,300 cubic meters, after the renovation, 17,000 pieces of tobacco could be placed, 512 pallets of small auxiliary materials, 1,000 pieces of large auxiliary materials, equivalent to 12,500 cubic meters, the warehouse capacity increased by 92.3%.

3. Improved the quality of logistics services.

(1) Improved the efficiency of entering and leaving the warehouse for goods. Goods are generally placed on pallets when using rack products, and products are first yarded on pallets when entering and leaving the warehouse, and then placed on the racks by forklift, which is fast and has a large loading capacity, improving the loading and unloading efficiency and shortening the average loading and unloading time by 26%.

(2) It is conducive to the storage of goods and reduces the breakage of goods. On the one hand, goods must be stacked neatly when palletizing due to the constraints of pallet size and cargo space dimensions. On the other hand, in the selective pallet racking and drive-in racking warehouses, goods are stored on pallets from the time they are yarded to the pallet to the time they are put on the rack until they are shipped, and no multiple yarding actions are produced. In the loft racking warehouse, the process of vertical handling of goods is completed by manual and mechanical cooperation, reducing the manual fatigue caused by packaging breakage and even the destruction of goods and other serious problems.

(3) loading and unloading workers to reduce labor intensity, labor motivation has been improved, learning warehousing-related knowledge and technology enthusiasm has increased accordingly, to stabilize the warehouse storage and management has played a good role.

(4) facilitate the management of computer systems. Each rack space is fixed and unique, the label of the space number is fixed on the column of the rack is not easy to damage. Inputting each space number into the computer, and then inputting the goods into each space number, the computer can print out the goods stored on a certain space number when dispatching, which is convenient for stock management and loading and unloading operations and can provide customers with detailed information on the turnover of their goods to better serve them. The plane warehouse due to a fixed location in a space number is more difficult, the general computer can only print out the area and can not be accurate to each space number.

The use of a warehouse racking system also has these benefits.

1, easy access to goods, can be done first in first out, 100 percent of the selection capacity, smooth inventory turnover.

2, to meet the needs of large quantities of goods, a wide variety of storage and centralized management, with mechanical handling tools, the same storage and handling work can be done in good order.

3, to ensure the quality of stored goods, can take moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti-theft, anti-damage and other measures to improve the quality of material storage.

4, to meet the needs of modern enterprises with low-cost, low-loss, high-efficiency logistics supply chain management.

5, warehouse racks have a high load-bearing capacity, are not easy to deform, reliable connection, easy disassembly and assembly, diversification, the surface of all racks are treated by acid washing, phosphating, electrostatic spraying and other processes, anti-corrosion and rust.

In short, when the introduction of the warehouse racks body system, not only enhances the storage capacity of the warehouse but also enhances the management capacity of the entire warehouse, so that the goods put more, more convenient access, cargo data at a glance, business owners are certainly happy to purchase warehouse storage racks system.