Why Do Women Love A Great Designer Bag? 

Many women use handbags as a way to communicate how they feel about style, fashion and their way of life. What this means is that handbags have now become more than just a tool for carrying all your things from one place to another. But why do women go beyond just buying a regular bag and opt to buy an elegant handbag for women

This is Why Women Love Designer Bags

If you’re wondering why the women of the world have been investing in designers for decades, these are some of the reasons. 

Women Love Fashion

The love ladies have for style is a key reason. Fashion allows women a great outlet for self-expression. So when a woman chooses to wear a designer bag from Louis Vuitton she is showing off her personal style and emphasising its value by adding a valuable bag. This empowers women to climb the social ladder, raise their social class and match their personal style. 

Women Love Uniqueness

Designer handbags enhance a woman’s individuality and beauty. Designer bags are always incredibly well-made. This quality factor means that when a woman buys a handbag from a luxury brand, she’s also buying the quality of the bag, the craftsmanship and its one-of-a-kind nature. Unlike bags bought wholesale, a designer bag is made and designed to be unique. This means each bag can be altered slightly with personalisation and will be one of a kind purchase. 

Brand Favourability

Women who love designer handbags also know how to buy from a brand that suits their personal style. For example, if you’re a girl who likes a classic preppy look, Chanel is a great option. For the women who want to look more street style, they can choose Louis Vuitton. No matter which designer brand they choose, they are more likely to remain faithful to the brand, especially if the quality is high. In addition, the better the brand, the more of a status the bag carries. 

Designer Handbags Are Durable

One of the key reasons a woman will buy a designer bag is because of how durable they are. Designer handbags are traditionally made with high-quality leather, are often hand stitched and made to last a lifetime when cared for correctly. A designer leather bag is an investment when you consider how durable they are. When you add into this the value that can be gotten from reselling a vintage bag, it becomes a great purchase option. 

Handbags Are More Than Just Fashion

If it wasn’t obvious already, a handbag is a tool made for women of all ages. Due to the fact that women rarely get high-quality pockets in their clothing, a handbag is necessary to carry all their items from place to place. This means it has to be a functional item that can be relied upon. So reliability, functionality and ease of access are all things women need from a bag. Designer bags are made with the wearer in mind, so It follows that they tick this box in their functionality for women. 

It’s A Valid Investment

When you buy two or three cheaper bags in a year, you are spending more money in ten years than you would when you buy one designer bag to last you twenty or thirty years. The return on investment and cost per wear associated with a designer bag is a huge contributing reasons to why women are always keeping their eyes on a designer bag.