Why Does Everyone Prefer Buying Gold?

Every civilisation of the past obsessed over the precious metals of their time, and since 1848, the world has been hooked on one particular shiny yellow metal! Have you ever wondered why? This metal has become synonymous with savings and investment and is now an inevitable part of people’s lives. Gold has been around for centuries and has been a symbol of power, success, and glory. But, the question arises, why this metal and not others?

 1. A Non-Erosive Metal

This brilliant metal is one of the oldest on earth. And as the natural logic goes, the more expensive the mining process of metal is (due to its composition), the more its cost will be. However, it gets a good name because it does not erode easily due to its non-reactive nature. This makes it last several generations. 

2. Lustrous and Beautiful to Behold

This lustrous metal drives past all its competitors with ease when it comes to precious metals. It is so because of the unique colour it inherently has, making all its jewellery stand out from the crowd. It has a unique lustre that is simply beautiful to look at. Although it is usually mixed with other metals like copper or silver to manufacture different colour-adjacent derivatives such as rose and white, it never ceases to have an aesthetic appeal.

3. Investment Is Another Safe Alternative

This metal is a great investment option as it’s always a profitable market. One may consider buying it in the form of jewellery, bars (bullion), or coins. Furthermore, buyers have also started investing in various funds, ETFs, and even digitally for long-term investments.

4. Inflation Advantage

You must be wondering how anyone can benefit from inflation. It puts everyone in a tight spot, but this metal can have an advantage as its prices always rise, even during inflation. Moreover, its prices have increased manifold in the last few decades.

How to Buy It

Buyers can either buy the precious metal in its physical form or in the form of stocks, futures, mutual funds, and ETFs.


Jewellery is one of the easiest and most bought options today. Moreover, almost everyone has bought jewellery made with this metal at some point in their lives.

Bars and Coins

Bars are also known as bullion and are one of the most popular options for buyers. Meanwhile, many prefer coins because of their easy mobility, and they are, therefore, one of the most popular collectible forms of this metal today. One can buy bars and coins from an individual, dealer, or online store.


While the physical version of the precious metal comes with the hassle of storing it, stocks offer a secure alternative to investing without having to buy it materially and lose your head over safely putting it away. As such, one can invest in companies that mine the metal and enjoy profits whenever the stock prices of these companies go up.

ETFs and Funds

One more way to invest in this precious metal without buying it physically and make more money than you’ll get through stocks is by investing in funds and ETFs. ETFs or Exchange-Traded Funds are the funds that own physical gold on your behalf. As such, you can buy or sell ETFs and make profits anywhere in the world. Mutual funds invest their clients’ money in various mining companies, and you can purchase them through either online trading platforms or a broker.

Undoubtedly, this yellow metal has always been everyone’s preference. And buying it physically or investing in stocks or ETFs is a great option for those looking to own some valuable asset in today’s time. So if you, too, love this metal like everyone else and have made up your mind to buy some, then it is highly recommended that you conduct deep research with due diligence to avoid potential risks and losses. Good luck!

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