why doesn’t my music work on instagram

Music feature of instagram is a game changer for those people who like to upload content with music in their instagram profile. This is a very good feature from instagram but sometimes the feature of adding music does not work, if your instagram music is not working then don’t worry, today we have discussed why doesn’t my music work on instagram. Along with the reasons for How To Fix Instagram music not Working Problem, I have also given information about it. So Definitely read this article till the end.

How does the instagram music feature work?

instagram implemented music feature for users to make their instagram story and reels more fun, instagram app is for sharing palo with other users, and you can create instagram music story, one with a song in the background By posting a photo, a video and much more, other people can reply to you, comment on your story if they find the song you posted interesting enough. That’s why adding instagram music to your stories and reels can make them even better. This feature also makes posts or reels more interactive which helps in getting more Instagram followers.

When you go to post a story or reels on your instagram profile, then you get the option to add music, in which many music lists are given by instagram, which contain trending music, by choosing which you can add it to your story or reels. Yes, there you have also been given the option of search, in which you can add your favourite music by searching.

why doesn’t my music work on instagram

instagram music is not working, there can be some different reasons, due to which you have instagram music not working, below are some of the main reasons why your instagram music is not working.

1.Stable Internet

If your phone has a stable internet connection, then your instagram music will not work and you will not be able to add music to your story or reels.

2. There will be no updated version of instagram.

This can be a possible reason for music not working, in which you are using an old version of instagram app or if you have not updated to a new instagram app then such problems can occur. If you are using an old version of instagram then you cannot add music to your stories and reels.

How To Fix Instagram Music Not Working Problem

1. Update instagram app.

This is a possible reason why the music feature is not working. In this your instagram app is out of date, means you have not updated instagram with new features because of this your instagram music can not work. And until you update instagram, you probably can’t add music to your instagram story and reels.

To fix this problem, you have to update the Instagram app. By updating Instagram, new updated features of Instagram will be included in your app and your problem will be solved automatically. To update instagram you –

First of all, open the Play store / App store.

Search “instagram” in it and tap on instagram from it.

Here you will see 2 options (1.Update) and (2.Uninstall).

From this, click on “Update” and wait for a while, it may take some time to update, if your network is good then it will update soon.

Open instagram as soon as the update is complete, now you can easily add music to stories and reels without any problem.

2. Try VPN

Adding music to your posts is currently only available in certain countries, because Instagram needs to licence the music for use in the app, and this isn’t possible in many countries yet. You can add music to your posts on Instagram if you’re in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Sweden, France or Germany, however if you’re located in a location that doesn’t offer this service, you’ll need to do not have this option,

If this service is not available in your country, then there is a solution on this too, with the help of which you can add music to Instagram Story and Reels. You can use vpn in your phone, with the help of this you can change your device location for a few moments due to which you can fool apps like instagram that you are located in one of the countries mentioned above. By doing this you can easily add music to your Instagram story and reels without any problem.

3. Re-install instagram on my phone.

When these two solutions are not working, once you uninstall your instagram app and install it again, try to add music. By doing this the corrupt files will be deleted and by installing a new updated Instagram, your problem will be completely removed and you will be able to easily add music to Stories and Reels with your new Instagram app without any hindrance.

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4. Use the instagram help centre.

If your instagram music is not working even after doing the above activities then this is your last resort to solve your instagram music not working problem, in this you have to contact the instagram help centre. Instagram has dedicated support that helps users solve problems. To contact the Instagram Help Center and make a complaint, you must-

Go to your instagram settings and choose the help option.

Next tap Report a problem.

Write your problem by clicking on the report problem.

Upload the text by clicking Upload to add relevant media such as screenshots.

After completion of the report click on send.

Now the Instagram support team will research your problem and send you a solution to this problem in reply, this process takes a few days, so be patient till the reply comes from Instagram.


Friends, in this article, along with the reasons for why my music doesn’t work on instagram, I also took information about How To Fix Instagram music not Working Problem, if your instagram music is not working and you want to share your stories and reels. If you are not able to add music, then follow the steps mentioned above so that your instagram music will start working and you will be able to easily add music to your instagram story and reels and enjoy it without any problem. Thank you