Why I use Flixier, the online video editor, to edit my videos

For years, the realm of browser-based video editing apps has been scoffed at by the professional video editing community. This is all while the industry-standard programs like Adobe Premiere Pro have stagnated, becoming less stable, more resource-intensive, and oddly more expensive.

While these professional editing suites have been irritating the living daylights out of all of us, browser video editors like Flixier have quietly been developing into competitive and powerful tools. Flixier is the best online video editor.

That’s why, earlier this year, I decided to switch my entire workflow to Flixier, the best free online video editor. Here’s why I made the change and ultimately why I’m never switching back to Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro.

What is Flixier?

First released just over two years ago, Flixier is a fully-fledged fast video editor that functions straight out of your web browser. It is the Previous online video editors have been feature-limited and aimed solely at those making slideshow videos for their Facebook timeline. Flixier, on the other hand, is a feature-rich non-linear video editor with a powerful timeline view and built-in effects

It has everything a professional video editor would want straight in your web browser. How neat is that?!

To get started, all you have to do is import some media like you would do in any other video editor, and drag your clips onto the timeline. Using the free tier, Flixier is hands down the best free video editor. 

You can easily trim your clips, adjust clip speed and even add keyframe animations for motion and effects.

Flixier is intuitive & easy-to-use

Flixier is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require a deep knowledge of video editing to get started. This is perfect for novice editors and beginners. However, we professionals can also benefit from how simple Flixier is to use. 

As soon as I launched the app, I felt right at home. To trim videos and photos, you just have to hover over the end of the clip and drag to adjust the clip. You can easily import music and commentary and sync up the audio with your visuals using the timeline.

It has plenty of preset templates

One of the main disadvantages of video editors like Premiere Pro is the lack of templates to insert graphics into your videos. Overlay presets and transitions speed up your editing workflow while maintaining a professional flair for your content.

Flixier offers a library of over 100 motion titles, 50 beautiful transitions, and a whole host of effects presets. For YouTube videos, I especially like that you can drag and drop a ‘subscribe button’ overlay and add animated pop-ups for social media calls to action (CTA).

It can render videos in minutes, not hours

Anyone who’s ever tried to render a long video knows it traditionally it can take up to a few hours to encode your final video.

A general rule of thumb is that Premiere Pro will likely encode in real-time (minute to minute). This isn’t the case with Flixier. Videos that are 1-2 hours can render in as little as 3 minutes! 

Flixier uses a unique advanced video encoding system that dramatically speeds up render times. 

I’m taking advantage of their powerful cloud hardware

When you edit a video with Flixier, you are taking advantage of Flixier’s powerful servers. They kit out their cloud systems with the best video cards and processors available, providing excellent performance and reliability.

Rendering video can be taxing on your computer hardware, especially on old and underpowered systems. Flixier ensures you get a smooth experience on any device (even smartphones and tablets) without adding any additional wear and tear to your system. It’s a real no-brainer.


Flixier has revolutionized my video workflow. My video output has increased nearly three-fold as Flixier is faster to edit with and render than my old video editing program. I can use my laptop to edit when I’m out, and I can easily continue my work on any device at any time.

Flixier is a fast and convenient way to power up your video editing process. It’s perfect for both beginners, intermediates and video pros like me.

What are you waiting for? Flixier is the best free online video editor.

Get started for free today or unlock all their features for as little as $10 a month.