Why Industrial Control Panel Builders Need UL Computers

  • The industrial PC market is currently valued at over USD 5 billion (Global Market Insights) 
  • A large portion of the demand for industrial PCs is coming from the electronics industry 

The demand for industrial computers has gone through the ceiling. 

Now, companies in all of the major industries, from automotive to oil and gas, need reliable industrial PCs. This is especially true when it comes control panel builders in the electronics industry. 

However, as a control panel manufacturer, you must be very careful when choosing your industrial computers. The reason for this is because of safety. There’s a lot going on in your manufacturing plants, which naturally means controlling (and eliminating) safety hazards is important. This is especially true when it comes to industrial computers, as they can potentially lead to fires and other major problems if they aren’t safe. 

Thankfully, there’s a solution: UL computers. These are industrial computers that are UL-certified. In case you didn’t know already, UL (Underwriter Laboratories) is a worldwide organisation that sets high safety standards on all kinds of important products — including industrial computers. Therefore, UL certification is a vital factor to consider when choosing an industrial PC for your control panel business. 

When you choose a UL computer, it means that it has: 

  • Met (or even succeeded) the set safety standards 
  • Been tested for potential risks and passed all of the tests 

For example, you won’t have to worry about it being a fire hazard or causing potential electric shocks, as all of the important safety boxes have been ticked. 

If you don’t have any UL computers yet, then browse industrial pcs by things-embedded.com. Not only are their industrial UL computers safe, but they’ve also been engineered in a special way to prevent faults and downtime, which is great news for all the control panel builders out there. 

To double-check whether a computer is UL-certified, you can look at the back of the product for UL classified markings. When you see them, it means that the computer in your hands has undergone UL inspection and is safe and secure.  

Why UL Certification Matters 

Every working day, your manufacturing floor is probably full of control panel builders, equipment, and lots of other things. As a result, an intense working environment is created. What this means is that you need industrial computers that are capable of withstanding:

Naturally, some industrial computers don’t last long in environments that feature these elements, as they quickly breakdown and become dysfunctional. However, when you have a UL-certified industrial PC, you and your team of panel builders can have peace of mind that it’s capable of withstanding all of the above elements and more


If you currently have industrial computers installed that aren’t UL-certified, upgrading them to UL computers is highly recommended. This will automatically provide your employees with a safer working environment while also reducing the risk of downtime caused by industrial PC failure. Also, don’t forget to check that all of your other important equipment and devices are UL-listed, too.