Why Men Will Never Acknowledge Women Who Wear Heels

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Why Men Will Never Acknowledge Women Who Wear Heels

Some people, i.e. men, do not understand why women wear heels at all, especially given how much they whine about them. High heels are not for everyone. For women who enjoy wearing heels, there is an appeal to them that men can’t possibly comprehend. Good Appearance

Because they perfectly complete that elegant style, heels are a favorite among women. They are attractive and pleasant to look at, and they give women an extra push and boost of confidence in their appearance. This is why it is so difficult for a woman to refuse another pair of heels. Given the enormous variety that is offered in online stores, clients who purchase women’s heels in India frequently discover themselves trying on more pairs than they intended to buy


The struggle to seem taller is not just a problem for women. For their benefit, wearing heels is one of the many simpler strategies to appear considerably taller. Famously, heels are the footwear of choice for making women appear taller. Unlike high heels worn by men, women can wear them comfortably and without drawing attention to themselves.

The victory by them

Not everyone is born able to walk in high heels. It is well known that some women (and men) can even run or perform in high heels. There is a special kind of triumph that comes with finally nailing it and learning to walk in those five-inch thin heels that only women can understand. It is after this that they can display the strut that makes them feel as confident as a model.

The mostly pain is worth it

The fact is that high heels are beautiful, elegant, and useful for increasing height in ways that some men can’t understand. What is even more perplexing is how many ladies complain about high heels, even though they know they will encounter problems when wearing them. An evening out with a lady wearing high heels is especially frustrating for men who may not understand the level of pain or discomfort that comes with wearing high heels for extended periods of time.

The elastic limit

This may be a concept from physics and physical science, but it is appropriate here. Even though pain is usually tolerable from a cost/benefit perspective, there comes a point where ladies can’t take it anymore. There is no single cut-off point; every woman is different. But if you’ve ever met a significant other who would rather walk barefoot than continue to walk in heels, then you know there’s no other way to go at this point.

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They say men will never really understand women, but there is no harm in trying. Understanding why they love heels so much could be the first step.