Why should you consult a personal injury lawyer in New Hampshire?

You have suffered injuries in a New Hampshire car accident and believe you have a valid personal injury claim. New Hampshire is a fault state. This means that if the other driver caused the mishap, they are also liable for everything endured by other victims. However, car accidents are never simple, and the chances are high that more than one party is responsible for the same mishap. The question here is whether you need to engage an attorney. Top firms like Sabbeth Law have skilled and seasoned lawyers who are open to taking up new challenges. Below are some reasons why consulting a lawyer is a good idea.

The insurance company is here to make money

You must understand that insurance companies are in the business of premiums, not settlements. If a company pays less for each claim, it is obviously making profits. As such, the claims adjuster will do their best to distract you or make you say things that can hurt your case. If you try to negotiate an offer with an insurance company alone, you may end up with almost nothing. The adjuster may pull up facts and tell you that you did wrong, which also means that you wouldn’t qualify for the settlement you seek.

This is exactly where an aggressive lawyer with experience can be resourceful. Once you hire an attorney and sign the engagement letter agreeing to pay their fee, they are responsible for communicating with the insurance company on your behalf. From discussing the case and negotiating the final settlement to handling all the lengthy paperwork, your lawyer will do it all.

Your fault and action will matter

New Hampshire is one of the many states that follow the modified negligence rule. If you are also partly liable for causing the accident, you will get a lower settlement proportionate to the fault share. Also, you only can sue the other party if you are less at fault than them. If you are 51% or more at fault, there is no room for you to recover a settlement. These aspects are clumsy and often hard to understand, which is precisely hiring an attorney is necessary.

Final word

Most law firms will not charge a fee to evaluate your injury claim, and the lawyer only gets paid when you get a settlement. These are bigger reasons to seek help for your case, and you should start now!