Why should you Invest in Dubai – The Best Areas To Invest In Dubai

Without a doubt, Dubai is the hub for all kinds of profitable investments. If you are seeking cities to invest in, Dubai should be on your radar. Investing in Dubai will get your high ROI as well as double your investment and get you out of the financial crunch. For both locals and expats, Dubai is one of the most profitable cities to invest in. one of the best reasons to invest in Dubai is that it offers flexible and convenient options and regulations.

It’s due to these reasons why most foreign investors choose to buy property in Dubai. Apart from the high ROI, it is yet another reason why most expats are attracted to buy property in Dubai. However, knowing a city is great for investment doesn’t mean you should go on blindly; here are some of the details you should know when investing in Dubai.

Reasons To Invest In Dubai:

There are many reasons as well as ways to invest in Dubai; however, among the many options, the property is the safest way to go. With high ROI, you will have double the amount of your investment in no time. Apart from that, Dubai is one of the most luxurious places to live in the world; this is the reason why your investment will always stay hot in the eyes of buyers and renters. Here are some of the reasons why most investors prefer Dubai over other cities.

Live the luxury:

Most expats invest in Dubai for its luxurious lifestyle. Many famous people have homes here, and it is the hub of all the trendy things to do, whether it’s sports, shopping, or adventures, Dubai is one place for all. Apart from that, having a property in Dubai is like having a gold mine; whenever one decides to sell, they will strike gold. Apart from the luxurious living, you also add capital gain to your investment when you buy property in Dubai.

Rental Gains

It’s pretty common knowledge that Dubai is the hub of the expatriate population. When a huge number migrates to Dubai for work, they need a place to live, and that void is filled by expat investment. This is a huge opportunity for potential investors. The easiest way to check out the ROI is to compare the residential units in Dubai VS other cities.

Capital Gain Is Inevitable When Investing In Dubai.

Here’s the truth, whether your property is rental or residential, the capital gain is inevitable. If it’s rental, your property will always stay hot due to the high occupancy rate and earn you a good chunk of money every month. And if your property is residential, you will gain more when you sell, as property value is ever-increasing in Dubai. It’s the ideal win-win situation for any investor.

Investment InCommercial Properties:

Apart from rental properties, Dubai is also great for investing in the commercial sector. From office buildings to retail markets, there are many options to invest in Dubai. With such properties, you can get both capital gain as well as rental income.

Investing in Dubai can be a financial crunch as the prices are pretty high in the UAE region. However, there are many easy financing solutions to this as well. Let’s explore the most common solutions.


Dubai offers easy mortgage loans with high comprehensible rules and regulations. As a down payment, you will need to put forward part of the total property price, and the bank will take care of the rest. With easy and regular installments, you will be able to pay off your mortgagee in no time. Actively pay off your installments and enjoy your property. 

In-House Home Loans:

You can either get loans from the banks, or you can opt for a more hassle-free option like In-House Home Loans. These loans are granted by property developers as a payment option for their clients. Instead of a bank, you will be dealing directly with the developer. The plus point is that the regulations aren’t as rigid as a bank; you can work out a payment plan that is easy and flexible. The drawback is, not all developers allow this kind of financing option.

Once the finances are sorted, you can start exploring the best areas to invest-in in Dubai. The best news is, there is no shortage of such areas as Dubai is the hub of ideal investment deals.

Profitable Areas to Invest in Dubai:

Here are the best places for both expats and locals to invest in Dubai.

Mohammed Bin Rashid City

Mohammed Bin Rashid City is located in the prime location, connected to Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Ain-Dubai Road as well, as Al Khail Road. Not only that, this particular area in Dubai is well connected to all landmarks and major highways. Investing in Mohammed Bin Rashid City properties is huge as it’s five minutes away from major attractions like Dubai Mall. MRC is an all-rounder that offers the perfect living experience from retail shopping to entertainment to the best schools in Dubai to the state-of-the-art medical centers. MRC is also the ideal place to raise a family, so your rental investment will gain you a high ROI within a year of your investment.

Dubai Marina:

The Dubai Marina isn’t just your ordinary place to live; it’s a branded neighborhood with all the class in the world. It offers stunning views across the bay, and it’s not just the view; the Dubai Marina is also a practical place to live as it is minutes away from Dubai Internet City, Dubai Media City as well as the emirate’s main university. You can invest in both luxury apartments and Villa here, and with all the amenities surrounding this area, it’s always high in demand.

Downtown Dubai:

Downtown Dubai is the hub of excitement; hence it always attracts the right crowd. Downtown Dubai offers all types of fine dining and nightlife venues, with the most luxurious apartments and furnished flats.

Bottom Line:

Investing in Dubai can be a huge deal, but by knowing the right areas, you are bound to double your ROI in no time.