Why Should You Invest In Kareo EHR Software?

About Kareo EHR

Kareo is the only cloud-based clinical and business administration platform built specifically for solo practitioners. Kareo software integrated modules work together as part of a unified platform, giving you the tools you need to tackle your most difficult administrative tasks. A lot of people often inquire about Kareo billing pricing or Kareo EHR solutions. However, the most common question has to be about its top features. In this piece, we are going to talk about the most loved features of Kareo as per Kareo EHR Reviews!

Care Delivery

The Kareo integrated delivery system saves time for vendors and is surprisingly simple to use. Unlike most employed doctors, independent physicians are expected to think about much more than their clients’ health. They’re running a company, managing employees, marketing the practice, communicating with clients, supervising the billing process, and keeping track of expenses. The institutional difficulties that practitioners face will divert attention from their most important job — client care — if they don’t use the correct approach and tools. The Kareo platform was created to help independent medical practices reclaim their most valuable resource: time.

The clinical workflow guide from Kareo walks you through eight regions of your practice to see where you can save time and money. The guide contains best practices gathered from across the country to assist you in improving your clinical procedure from top to bottom. By tracing out provider conversations, staff roles, and obligations, you can identify possibilities to enhance office efficiency. Integrate labs, testing, image analysis, referral management, safe messaging, and a client portal to achieve desired clinical outcomes.

Boost Insurance Reimbursements 

One of the most difficult aspects of running an independent practice is effectively managing the revenue cycle. Each stage of the revenue cycle presents its own set of problems. An interruption in one step of the procedure can lead to lost time and money. It’s critical for your independent practice’s financial stability to have a well-defined revenue cycle workflow that serves. You will not only receive payments on time, but you will also relieve the burden on your billing staff, reduce admin expenses, and maintain a constructive relationship with your patients.

Kareo gives you access to our platform as well as a full suite of integrated billing features. Kareo’s web and mobile applications make it simple for your practice to manage its revenue cycle and the challenges that come with insurance billing. Only half of all refused or denied claims are reworked. That’s money lost. Optimizing your claims procedure is one of the quickest ways to boost your practice’s profitability. Examine your insurance reimbursement revenue cycle honestly, then set goals and determine what you’ll need to get there. Before the patient walks into your office, you can start reducing claim rejections and increasing insurance reimbursements. To be successful, you must implement an efficient patient intake, eligibility, and benefits verification process.

Boost Patient Collections

Self-pay and high-deductible plans are becoming more popular. The proportion of privately insured individuals under 65 with a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) has risen to 39.1 percent in recent years, up 54 percent since 2010. The trend of increasing client payment obligations has made it more difficult to get paid, resulting in a drop in net collections for most healthcare practices. 

Client collections cannot be an afterthought at the end of the billing procedure if practices are to succeed financially. You require a comprehensive client collection strategy that will increase revenue while establishing a positive connection with your clients. To maximize your patient collections, implement the appropriate policies, technology, and staff training. Increase your service collection time by using payment estimation and forecasting.

Patient Collections is one of the most difficult struggles that independent practices face, and Kareo is committed to helping you succeed by providing products, solutions, training, and support. To pinpoint gaps in your collections process, install The Patient Collections Success Guide below, then use the step-by-step tasks to help you improve.

The best approach to better collections is better communication. Kareo keeps you in touch with clients throughout the collection procedure with a robust scheduler and appointment notifications, accessible two-way communication via text or email, group broadcast, and more.

Patient Experience Management

Independent practices are under more pressure than ever before. One of the first things to break down when practice is time-constrained is patient communication. When clients aren’t correctly scheduled, consultations are missed, eligibility isn’t verified, client intake suffers, after-hours questions from clients aren’t responded to, prescriptions aren’t reissued, claims can’t be followed up on, and so on, this decline of the client experience can be catastrophic to your practice. As a result, providers and staff waste time, patients have a negative experience, and the practice loses money.

In today’s patient-centered healthcare environment, a greater emphasis on patient experience is required to better manage your time, improve care delivery, and boost practice revenue. Patient experience management must be a shared responsibility across the entire practise in order to be successful. This can be intimidating, but recent technological advancements have made managing the entire patient experience much more manageable.

Understanding how critical it is to provide a positive client experience is crucial to your success. It’s time to take a comprehensive look at your patients’ experiences across all of your practice’s touchpoints. Kareo’s guide takes you through each point of contact and shows you how technology can improve the overall patient experience. What’s the end result? Increase your practice’s revenue while also making your patients happier and healthier.

Kareo EHR Substitute – Centricity Medical Records

Centricity is a GE Healthcare EMR system designed for larger practices. Centricity is a budgetary and medical management system that can be used on mobile phones and tablets, enabling physicians and practice staff to carry and update patient information on the go. Centricity was created by GE Healthcare to be compatible with a wide range of medical equipment and imaging devices. With a series of reporting tools, Centricity EMR concentrates on client outcomes, allowing a practice to compare itself to others both locally and nationally. To know more about Centricity EMR software, you can check out Centricity EHR reviews. You can also schedule a Centricity EHR demo.