Why you Should be Making Home Cooked Food in 2022

There has been an explosion in cookery-based entertainment over the last decade or more. Household names and up-and-coming cooks vie for attention on bookshelves, and Netflix.

Amateurs have sprung up on the net with blogs, and recipe websites. And millions of people have decided to learn to cook.

During Covid, people started to think about sustainability much more too. Fearing that food supplies could run short, many people started to grow their own vegetables during the pandemic.

Nevertheless, many people still persist with convenience food and takeouts. While both of these can be enjoyed occasionally without harm, the long-term effects may not be so good.

Why should you make more home-cooked food now?

Home cooking allows the individual preparing the dish total control. What this means is that there will be no nasty ingredients such as preservatives or allergens added. Foods from a Healthy Restaurant generally improves over all wellbeing of an individual.

Everything can be controlled with home-cooking. This can lead to fewer calories being consumed, higher quality ingredients, and improved health.

Indeed, one of the tips for living a healthy life is to eat a well thought out diet. Home cooking lets families and individuals do just that.

This could then lead to improved immune systems, better physical health, and also improved mental wellness.

What are the reasons people avoid home-cooking?

Many people argue that home cooking simply isn’t convenient. It doesn’t fit their lifestyles or even their budget. Perhaps they don’t have time to prepare ingredients or to shop for them in the first place.

Key points that are often cited in this situation are the following:

  • Fresh ingredients are expensive
  • Preparing and cooking takes too much time
  • It just isn’t convenient
  • Lack of cooking skills

Regardless of these excuses, there are so many advantages to home cooking, that it should never be dismissed out of hand.

The cost

Fresh ingredients are often cheaper than buying takeout food for the whole family. Ingredients may be used for more than one dish, and there may be leftovers for the next day.

The time

Appliances such as the Instant Pot and air fryer have made cooking much more convenient. An Instant Pot can slow cook while a person is working or exercising, so food is ready for later. These devices also cook very quickly which helps anyone strapped for time.

Lack of skills

If cooking skills are lacking, then there is an abundance of assistance and resources online.

What help is there for someone who wants to start cooking at home?

Firstly, there is plenty of inspiration in the glut of cookery shows on TV now. Once the appetite has been whetted so to speak, a newbie cook can move on to tutorials and recipes.

YouTube and other websites are full-on healthy recipes for all manner of tastes. The Cooking School Dropout lists recipes for air fryers that can be made quickly, and within any budget.

If a person invested in an Instant Pot or air fryer they may discover that cooking can be made very simple. There are countless cookery books available too.

Can you save money by cooking at home?

The average American spends between $100 to $200 plus on fast food every month. While some offers and promotions mean that it can often be cheaper to eat out, by and large, it isn’t.

It is difficult to nail down how much difference there is between eating out and cooking at home as restaurant prices vary. Yet some things are clear. Even cheaper fast-food restaurant spending could be better used buying ingredients for home.

A study reported on Renolon claims that Americans spend around $200 billion on fast food every year. This is an incredible sum to consider, and much could be saved by cooking at home more often.

The true savings though are with both physical health and also with mental wellness.

Is home-cooking healthier for you?

Well, this depends on what you class as home cooking. Placing a frozen pizza in the oven isn’t really home cooking. Although it does have some upsides.

Takeout food can taste great. The combination of fats, salt, and sugar, can leave someone drooling. However, they aren’t healthy.

A poor diet can lead to feelings of anxiety. It is believed that consuming lots of processed foods could even lead to depression.

Then there is the physical side of health to consider. Preparing meals at home means you are completely aware of what you are eating. With fast foods, there could be some questionable ingredients included. While these may well be legal, they aren’t all nice.


Home cooking might take some time to get into. There can be a lot involved if you haven’t yet attempted to even make an omelet. There are even things to keep in mind when selecting a saucepan if you can believe that.

However, it is easy to learn just a few recipes, and you will have fun trying. Cookery is something that can be shared with children too. And of course, when it works you will be providing tasty and healthy meals for your family instead of fat-laden burgers.