Wood Floor Maintenance 101: Keep Them Looking Brand New

What looks better than sparkling clean hardwood floors in a home? Not much, in our opinion! 

This timeless material can lend a classic or modern touch to any space, easily accommodating any style of decor. And, it’s simple to keep looking great, just so long as you follow a few basic pointers. 

In this article, we’ll walk you through all that you need to know about wood floor maintenance. Read on for more information!

Keep Them Clean

Hardwood floor maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult! 

Start with regular sweeping, using a soft-bristled indoor broom. Then, use a damp dust mop with professional hardwood cleaning products.

Wood flooring should never be mopped with a bucket of water, as doing so can cause water damage. And, it’s important to skip strong chemicals, as they can strip your finish or even damage the wood below. 

As moisture is your wood floor’s number one enemy, it’s also essential to clean spills up as quickly as possible. This rule also applies to damp areas like bathrooms and kitchens, where you’ll want to keep wood flooring cool and dry at all times.

Prevent Scuffs

If you’re wondering how to make wood flooring last, it’s not just surface dirt and grime that you should be concerned with. 

Place mats near your home’s entrances and exits to help remove any outside elements that might otherwise get tracked inside. And, if you feel comfortable doing so, this is also a great place to ask that people remove their shoes.

If you do allow shoes inside your home, be sure to exclude cleats, high heels, and any other footwear that might dent or gouge your flooring.

You can also prevent scuffs and scrapes by lifting rather than dragging furniture and other heavy objects inside the home.

Professional Upkeep

There are hundreds of types of hardwood floors out there, and no two are exactly the same. So, be sure to choose a long-lasting variety.

That said, even the most durable flooring will require professional refinishing from time to time. 

You should factor this service into your wood floor cost and plan on paying a bit for upkeep, even if your floor isn’t damaged. Some vinyl and hybrid hardwood floors require far less maintenance and are a good option for high-traffic homes.

You can view these flooring options here.

Wood Floor Maintenance Made Easy

Now that you know a bit more about basic wood floor maintenance, you’re ready to care for your home’s hardwoods like a pro. 

Remember, regular upkeep is the real key to keeping those hardwoods shining. So, if it’s been a while since yours got some attention, don’t wait to show them some love!

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