Yellow Diamond Price: What You Need To Know Before Your Big Purchase

Diamonds are always a good investment. Not only will they look good in your investment portfolio, but they are also the best centrepiece for your jewelry collection. 

They are a classic staple and one that continues to increase in value over time. 

Yellow diamonds are more so, as they evoke a certain appeal with their very inviting colour and yet are not too heavy on the pocket compared to other coloured diamonds. 

But whether you are planning on purchasing this exquisite stone for personal use or as an investment, it is important to find out how a yellow diamond price fares well in the market. 

This will also give you an idea of how much you should expect to pay when purchasing a piece of jewellery encrusted with a yellow diamond from a shop like Astteria

Where Are Yellow Diamonds From? 

Belonging to the special diamond category of fancy coloured diamonds, this happy coloured stone can be found in many places around the world. However, the most vivid ones are mined in South Africa

A yellow diamond is charming and easy on the eyes whether it is more on the fainter side or on the vivid range of the spectrum. 

Coloured diamonds are rare per se, as they are a result of impurities forming the best possible results ever. Yellow diamonds, which got their unique colour from the presence of nitrogen in their formative process, are considered very rare but not as rare as the other members in the fancy coloured category. 

Yellow diamonds are well-loved by consumers as they are relatively cheaper than other coloured diamonds but are just as striking with their own allure. 

Yellow Diamond Price Range

Yellow diamonds look very much alluring in every type of jewellery. They are known to symbolize love and optimism. It also evokes happiness due to its cheerful colour and wearing a piece of jewellery with this as the main stone can reflect fun and outgoing personality. 

Now while most natural coloured diamonds are famous for their hefty price tags, a yellow diamond price is slightly in a more conservative range. 

It is almost on par with white diamonds and can sometimes even cost less depending on its grade. 

For a yellow diamond with a satisfactory colour and decent cut, the price is expected to range from £2,000 to £3,800.

However, the price is expected to increase when it comes to its more vivid counterparts as colour plays a huge role in determining a yellow diamond’s price.

Other variables also affect the price such as origin, cut, clarity, carat and shape. 

Final Thoughts

As every diamond is unique on its own, a definite price cannot be easily determined as a lot of factors contribute to its final price- especially if it comes adorned in a piece of jewellery. 

For a better understanding and a visual of how much a yellow diamond can be, it is best to visit jewellery houses like Astteria as they are offering yellow diamonds in all forms and sizes.

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